Gary Oldman flew into a major panic after losing his script for the new Batman movie because director Christopher Nolan has such strict rules to keep the story secret.
The British actor reprises his role as police chief James Gordon for Nolan's upcoming third installment in the superhero franchise, The Dark Knight Rises, opposite Christian Bale as the Caped Crusader.
Oldman has now revealed he suffered a nasty scare during filming when he lost his script, which contains Nolan's closely-guarded plot, but he eventually found it under the mattress in his hotel room.
He tells the Bbc, "I was in a panic for 20 minutes. I thought, 'Where the hell have I put it?' It had my name on it. They would have killed me... I'd gone out for dinner and I had put it in the room between the mattress and the bed, because I couldn't scrunch it into the safe. I was half-thinking about something else and shoved it there... (it would have been) the worst one to lose."
However, the actor admits the script didn't contain the movie's ending, as castmembers are only allowed to read the pivotal scenes while they are at the film studio.
Oldman adds, "When he (Nolan) gives the script out, it doesn't have the ending. Characters sometimes change, or their names change. And you have to go to the studio to read it."