Gary Oldman kept coming out in character in 'The Dark Knight Rises' when he was working opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The veteran actor portrays the role of Commissioner Gordon in the forthcoming third instalment of the Batman franchise, and he admits working with Joseph - who plays police officer John Blake - was hard because he was so good.

He told MTV News: "Someone that talented, I do these scenes with him and you can't put a pin through an insincere movement.

"It's wonderful. You come out of character sometimes because you're in a scene and you find your head going, 'Wow, he's pretty good!' "

The third film in the Christopher Nola-directed series stars Christian Bale as the hero, while Anne Hathaway portrays Catwoman and Tom Hardy plays villainous Bane.

Anne - who will mark her debut in an action film with the movie - has been learning martial arts for the movie, and she admits it has been helpful for her as she has learnt "proper stance and fluid movement".

She said: "With action films you need to develop specific skills. They've given me a martial arts exercise, which I have to do all the time.

"It teaches me grace, proper stance and fluid movement. This stuff is so beautiful because it looks so gentle. But then, when you actually wind up doing the fight choreography, all of a sudden you are like, 'Oh my gosh, I'm hitting somebody's throat right now.' So it's been a lot of fun and a new challenge."