Gary Numan has blasted David Bowie for his lack of recent success.

The 'Are Friends Electric' singer admits he was hurt by criticism from his fellow musicians in his 1980s hey-day but believes he had the last laugh.

He said: "I remember Brian Eno was a bit s**t about me, as was Mick Jagger and David Bowie.

"Bowie has said some lovely things since - he said I'd written two of the finest songs in British chart history. Well, he's written one good song in 25 years so f**k him."

Despite his attack, the 'Cars' hitmaker admitted he was pleased when the 'Let's Dance' singer praised him.

He added: "I don't mean to sneer at Bowie, it was a lovely thing that he said and it healed a rift between him and me. But I was really upset when he said it."

Gary will play ay London venue The Scala on April 13, ahead of a US tour.