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Gary Coleman Plugs Quick-cash Loan Company

Former DIFF'RENT STROKES star GARY COLEMAN has returned to TV screens - in commercials for a quick-cash loan company. The 36-year-old actor, who lost his fortune with bad financial advice, is now recalling his...

Hustler Boss Was Serious About Governor Bid

HUSTLER boss LARRY FLYNT insists his run to become Governor of California last year (03) was serious, once he knew pint-sized actor GARY COLEMAN was in the race. The porn king initially challenged ARNOLD...

Schwarzenegger Teams Up With Former Governor On Leno's Show

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER made an appearance on JAY LENO's TONIGHT SHOW last night (01MAR04) - alongside the man he defeated to claim his new seat as Governor of California. Schwarzenegger says he and former Governor...

Gary Coleman Teams Up With Tori Spelling

Former DIFF'RENT STROKES star GARY COLEMAN is keeping himself busy after his failed bid to become Governor of California, by showing TORI SPELLING the error of her ways in a TV movie. Coleman, who...

Gary Coleman Gets Political

Disappointed California Governor candidate GARY COLEMAN has been given a job in politics after all - as a radio pundit. The former DIFF'RENT STROKES star finished eighth in last week's (ends10OCT03) California recall election...

Coleman Linked To Anti-abortion Website

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's fellow celebrity Governor candidate GARY COLEMAN is in for a shock the next time he surfs the internet - his domain name is still being linked to an anti-abortion site. The DIFF'RENT...

Schwarzenegger's Election Delay Lifted

LATEST: ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has been given good news in his bid to become Governor of California - a federal appeals court has reinstated the 7 October (03) recall election date. Earlier this month (SEP03),...

Arnie Faces Election Delay In Californian Governor Bid

TERMINATOR star ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is facing a long wait in his bid to become Governor of California after the election was delayed by an American court. The Austrian-born muscleman is one of 135 candidates...

Coleman's Political Dreams Sparked By Tv Movie

DIFF'RENT STROKES star GARY COLEMAN's bid to become Governor of California is fact based on fiction - one Hollywood script has the pint-sized actor chasing his political dreams. Screenwriter ALEX KOGAN pitched an...

Gary Coleman To Debate On Governor Game Show

America's GAME SHOW NETWORK has snagged actor GARY COLEMAN and porn star MARY CAREY to take part in a debate over their plans to become Governor of California. They will be among a panel...

Tv Chiefs Axe Coleman And Arnie Plans

California TV programmers have axed re-runs of GARY COLEMAN's DIFF'RENT STROKES and showings of all ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER films from their schedules for the next two months so they don't breach television regulations. California law...

Coleman Is Serious In Taking On The Terminator

Former DIFF'RENT STROKES star GARY COLEMAN's political ambitions are for real - he really does want to challenge ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER for the role of California Governor. The pint-sized actor accepts his chances of winning...

Arnold Told To Axe Comedy

Hollywood hardman ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has been told to quit making comedy movies if he wants to become Governor of California. The TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES star last week (7AUG03) declared his intention...

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