As expected, American actor Gary Busey stole the show on Tuesday night's (January 3, 2012) premiere of Celebrity Wife Swap, wholeheartedly baffling his temporary wife Gayle Haggard with a series of cartoon voices and spurious claims.
In the new ABC series, Busey had been matched with Gayle - the wife of disgraced pastor Ted Haggard. All eyes were on Ms Haggard in 2006 after Ted was caught up in a sex scandal involving a male prostitute - she eventually stuck by her husband and wrote a book about her experience. In last night's episode, Gayle boarded a flight to Los Angeles while Gary's fiance Steffanie Sampson took off to Colorado Springs to live with Ted. Known as somewhat of an eccentric, Lethal Weapon-star Busey immediately began living up to his reputation - much to the bemusement of Gayle. In one scene, he seemingly from nowhere announced, "Birth is the best vacation for advanced clowns". When Gayle brought up the subject of past-lives and reincarnation, the actor interrupted, "It's more than likely that you've had more than one lifetime with Ted". Gayle claimed to be sceptical, saying, "Hey, I'm hoping to finding out when that day comes", to which Busey asserted, "You'll find out right now, it's true.I've been an American Indian several times.I fought at the Alamo...I was burned at the stake as a witch". He went on to suggest he and Steffanie had already spent 31 lifetimes together and were currently enjoying their 32nd incarnation.
Though his career has waned somewhat since the early 1990s, Busey still makes regular movies and recently completed filming the forthcoming horror Piranha 3dd with Ving Rhames and DAVID HASSELHOFF.