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Entourage Trailer

The world of acting is no longer enough for superstar Vincent Chase, whose now looking at a career in directing. With his lifestyle having taken a significant overhaul following several years of hedonism (though it might not seem like it), Ari Gold is still acting as his agent despite his new job as CEO of Time Warner and is willing to give his client a shot at what he wants to do - even if no-one else seems to think he can pull off directing. He lands a $100 million budget but things get complicated when he goes over by $15 million. Vince isn't overly concerned with the film becoming a flop, but it could mean the end of Ari's career before its started if it doesn't come through.

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Actor Gary Busey Hits Woman With Car In Parking Lot, Woman Sustains Minor Injuries

Gary Busey Bruce Jenner

Actor Gary Busey reportedly hit a woman with his car whilst reversing in a Malibu car park on Friday (13th February). The incident reportedly occurred around 3pm at a supermarket off the Pacific Coast Highway, according to reports in TMZ. The unnamed woman sustained minor injuries but was treated at the scene and released soon after.

Gary Busey
Gary Busey at the final of Celebrity Big Brother in September 2014.

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Gary Busey In California Car Accident - One Person Injured

Gary Busey Bruce Jenner

Another car accident involving a celebrity in Malibu this week. Gary Busey is reported to have struck a pedestrian with his car on Friday.

TMZ reports that the 70 year old actor accidentally hit a woman as he was reversing out of a shopping centre parking lot at around 3 p.m. local time. According to the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department, the incident happened at Pavillions Grocery Store on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Gary Busey
Gary Busey

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Celebrities dine at Palm Restaurant

Gary Busey - Celebrities dine at Palm Restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 22nd January 2015

Gary Busey
Gary Busey
Gary Busey

Skrillex surprise birthday bash

Gary Busey and Skrillex - throws a star-studded surprise birthday bash for Skrillex at the Million Dollar Theater at Million Dollar Theater - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 15th January 2015

Gary Busey and Skrillex

'Entourage' Movie Finally Sees The Light Of Day [Trailer And Pictures]

Mark Wahlberg Calvin Harris Billy Bob Thornton Haley Joel Osment Ronda Rousey Gary Busey Jeremy Piven Kevin Connolly Adrian Grenier Kevin Dillon Jerry Ferrara Mindy Robinson Alice Eve Emmanuelle Chriqui Emily Ratajkowski Debi Mazar Constance Zimmer

Cameo appearances can make for some of the greatest moments in movies. Remember seeing Alice Cooper in 'Wayne's World'? Stan Lee in 'Mall Rats'? Mike Tyson in 'The Hangover'? Or, possibly the greatest cameo of all time, Bill Murray in 'Zombieland'? Well, for a show set in and around Hollywood, based on the exploits of rapper/actor/executive producer Mark Wahlberg, it was understandable why HBO's 'Entourage' has more than its fair share of A-list cameos.

'Entourage' is set to hit US theatres on 5th June, 2015.
'Entourage' is set to hit US theatres on 5th June, 2015.

Over the course of its seven-year runtime, 'Entourage' racked up a very impressive list of cameo performances, including Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, Hugh Hefner, Peter Dinklage, James Cameron, Seth Green, Snoop Dogg, Peter Jackson - you get the idea. There were an awful lot of people getting involved in 'Entourage', so it stands to reason that when the trailer for the feature adaptation launched, people were eagerly looking to see who would be making an appearance outside of the main cast.

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Entourage - Teaser Trailer

After making a name for themselves in Hollywood, Vincent Chase and his entourage of friends from Queens have finally made a movie. The only problem is, that after securing the chance to direct the film for 100 million USD, the film has gone over-budget by 15 million. The money is being put up by a wealthy Texas billionaire, yet the catch is that he really wants a return on his investment. Chase and the gang have to ensure that the movie is a hit - otherwise, they'll have one angry producer and one murderous billionaire on their backs. That probably won't go away, even if they just move back to Queens.

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Celebrity Big Brother launch

Gary Busey - Celebrity Big Brother 2014 at Elstree Studios - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 19th August 2014

Gary Busey
Gary Busey and Emma Willis
Gary Busey
Gary Busey
Gary Busey

Gary Busey and Emma Willis on 'Celebrity Big Brother': Most Awkward TV Moment of the Year?

Gary Busey Celebrity Big Brother

Gary Busey made one of the most memorable Celebrity Big Brother entrances ever when the new series launched last night on Channel 5.The 70 year old actor, famous for starring in the cult action moviesPoint Break, Predator 2 and Lethal Weapon as well as roles in TV shows ‘Entourage’, ‘Gunsmoke’ and ‘Texas Ranger’, had a bizarre and slightly awkward encounter with presenter Emma Willis as he was interviewed at the steps of the celebrity house.

Gary Busey Emma Willis
Gary Busey made a bizarre entrance to the 'CBB14' house on Monday night

When Willis asked him what sort of housemate he would be, he replied “come and see me later” before gurning for the audience. The rest of his interview was erratic, and as Willis tried to shepherd him up the stairs and into the house, Busey kept asking for “three more questions”.

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Bounty Killer Review


Like a spoof mash-up of Mad Max and Machete, this nutty action movie throws us into a Wild West dystopia with enough wit and energy to overcome its clunky production values. A whiff of serious subtext helps too. Although it's essentially just a riotous B-movie thrill ride without much of a plot.

The story takes place in the near future, after the Corporate Wars destroyed the world. Now the former company executives are under death warrants, chased by superstar bounty killers through the desolate landscape. One of the most notorious killers is Drifter (Marsden), who has a bounty on his head after sniffing too close to a major scandal. As he heads to the Council to clear his name, he and his new gun caddy Jack (Hardley) are chased by the glamourous killer Mary Death (Pitre). And all of them are being pursued by the relentless Van Sterling (Busey), whose shady boss (Loken) is working on some sort of nefarious plan.

The film's luridly colourful design echoes its graphic-novel origins, as do the comic-book animation segments. And the violence is relentlessly blood-spurting, keeping us laughing so we don't notice how cheesy the effects and action really are. Fortunately, everything is underscored with sardonic humour, rude jokes and melodramatic characters, each of whom has a torrid history. This allows for plenty of irrelevant innuendo, especially between the inexpressive Marsden and the striking Pitre.

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The 10 Greatest Christmas Horror Movies To Watch This Season

Gary Busey Johnny Depp Tim Burton

As we plunge ever deeper into the sickly sweet realms of the festive season, resplendent in its gaudy, glittering and gluttonous glory, you may feel that baubles, mince pies, carols and fairy lights are being shoved down your snowman scarf-wrapped throat without mercy.

Where then, do you go for respite from the relentless seasonal cheer; to take a break from the never-ending goodwill? Sometimes we just need to see Santa behaving badly - and we're not talking about him giving Mariah Carey some cheeky undies.

Though a permanent solution to the annual saccharine onslaught may be to move to the Middle East, a more likely antidote is the Christmas horror film. This perfect dichotomy of Christmas joy tainted with cathartic bloodletting is rarely family-friendly watching but can be a deviously dark remedy.

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Barking Mad: Embarrassing Exit For Gary Busey On Celebrity Apprentice

Gary Busey

When entering a celebrity reality show, the first thing your press officer would tell you is ‘nothing silly’. And they’d be right, but Gary Busey didn’t listen. He was booted from Celebrity Apprentice after portraying a dog in a failed presentation for his team.

It all started with Gary being handed the leader for this particular task. “At least with Gary being team leader he might have to step up and work Lisa Rinna said, optimistically. “I’m not worried about Gary Busey being the team leader because he has me – I am a cheerleader for technology,” Penn Jillette said. But most pleased with this decision was Busey himself, stating: “The project managership is a gift and I’m here to win!” Although it wasn’t long before the actor fell behind. Busey just couldn’t get to grips with the modern technology! “This smartphone is like going to another planet without instructions,” he said. Penn Jillette agreed: “There is no chance Gary can understand it, no chance."

Gary BuseyBusey - acting like a dog will get you fired from most places, even The Apprentice

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Mike Busey Arrested For Selling Liquor At His House Party

Gary Busey

Mike Busey was arrested on Friday night (December 21, 2012) after his neighbours got sick of his wild party and called the cops. The son of actor Gary Busey, who likes to be known as the King of Rock and Roll Debauchery, had been charging people $20 to get into his party and once they were in, he was selling them alcohol, without a license to do so. According to the Orlando Sentinel, one of those guests was actually a cop, who arrested Busey at his home in St. Cloud. His home, which, for the record, he refers to as The Sausage Castle, for reasons that we do not wish to be explained.

The party had been dubbed “Mike Busey’s End of the World Sexy Santa Holiday B-Day” and seems that Busey was hellbent on making as much cash before the end of the word, were it to actually happen. Except it would already have happened by the time the party took place, so you know, there were definitely holes in his business plan aside from the whole ‘getting arrested’ thing. The cops also weren’t happy that people were smoking weed at the party and that Mike was doing little to stop them. Busey seemed nonplussed by the whole affair, however, and simply boasted on Twitter the next day, “Last Night I Got Arrested For Throwing A EPIC Party!”

That will irk his neighbours somewhat, we would imagine. This is standard fare for Busey though, who has been evicted five times over his wild partying ways. Good luck to the current neighbours, we say.

Gary Busey

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