Louis Walsh has slammed he former Big Brother contestant Kenneth Tong for making crass and insensitive comments about Gary Barlow 's baby on Twitter. Last weekend, Gary Barlow and his wife Dawn suffered the stillbirth of their daughter Poppy Dawn was around eight months pregnant. The Twitter user MrKennethTong, widely believed to the former Big Brother contestant of the same name has been 'trolling' Twitter; posting offensive remarks, in order to draw attention to himself.
Clearly showing no remorse for the multiple offensive comments that he made, Kenneth even re-tweeted the response from Louis Walsh (Gary's X Factor co-judge), without apology. Louis post read "Kenneth Tong shouldn't be allowed to tweet such horrible things. His tweets to Gary Barlow are horrific [and] disrespectful to the lowest level." It appears that Kenneth was using the situation to draw attention from one Twitter user, in particular; the British model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. One of his posts read "I will trade you all. I will leave ?GBarlowOfficial? alone if you convince ?Rhw? to tell me to do so..." He later complained that she had blocked him on the site.
Louis has been encouraging his followers to campaign to get Tong removed from Twitter and has posted a number of messages to that effect, saying "Kenneth Tong is a vile individual" and "Retweet my previous tweets about Kenneth Tong to spread the message! GetKennethTongBanned RT!" Tong's account is currently still active and the original messages have not been deleted.