Gary Barlow says wife Dawn is "unimpressed" by his glamorous lifestyle.

The Take That singer has become a heartthrob in recent months after joining the judging panel of UK TV show 'The X Factor' but insists his spouse of 11 years isn't bothered and refuses to treat him like one.

Gary - who has three children, Daniel, 11, Emily, nine, and two-year-old Daisy, with Dawn - said of his new sex symbol status: "I still don't know how I feel about it. I've got a sense of humour about it because, 21 years in, you know how quickly people's opinions change. It amuses me at the moment - I send my wife pictures from photo shoots, saying, 'See how lucky you are?' I'm happily winding everyone up!

"But she is so unimpressed by everything, my wife is. I f I ever did come home and say, 'Babe, we've sold two million albums today,' it would be like, 'Well, can you just finish the kids' tea?' None of this success figures in our lives. It's just the pantomime that goes with what I do."

Gary's popularity with the public has fluctuated over the years and he says dancer Dawn has been his once source of continued support.

He said: "Dawn is real. She has known me through thick and thin. She has known me at 198lbs when nobody wanted to call me any more. She has known me through it all."