British pop star Gary Barlow has undergone surgery to have a number of moles removed from his skin.
The Take That singer visited a medical facility on Wednesday (18Jan12) and took to to express his nerves over the procedure, joking that he may not survive the experience.
In a post before seeing his doctor, he wrote, "Wish me luck, I'm about to have some moles cut off!! Just in case I don't survive this, it's been nice knowing you, live life to the full typicalman."
And he was relieved when the six moles were successfully cut from his skin, but again joked with his online followers that he was undergoing further surgery to improve himself.
He added, "All done, 6 moles gone, a few stitches, tummy tuck, double chin removal, cross eyed correction, eye brow stabiliser for when I sing! jobdone... And before you ask, I enquired about a personality transplant but they said I'm a lost cause. downer."