Gary Barlow doesn't enjoy his number one records.

The Take That singer - who has written most of the band's biggest hits, including UK number one singles 'Pray', 'Babe', 'Back For Good', 'Never Forget', 'Greatest Day' and 'Shine' - says he's so driven, he never stops to take a moment to appreciate his success.

He said: "I always try to tell myself if you have a number one or if you have something that people are loving, take that moment and go, 'This is brilliant,' but I never do it.

"It's a bug, you know, and I think it's more in songwriters than in anybody else."

Gary accepts he can be too serious in his pop career, but has relaxed since Take That - who initially split in 1996 - reformed in 2005.

The musician - who is currently a judge on 'The X Factor' - told Radio Times magazine: "I've approached it this time completely differently with a totally relaxed attitude, not taking things too seriously - though I do take a lot of things seriously."