The country music star Garth Brooks has won a court case against an Oklahoma hospital after they failed to use money that he donated to build a women's health centre in his mother's name, as he had requested. Brook sued Integris Canadian Valley Regional Hospital, Oklahoma, for breach of contract after he learned that the hospital managers had decided to use the $500,000 donation for other uses.
Brooks not only received his $500,000 back but also received $500,000 in 'punitive damages,' according to an article by The Daily Mail. One of the jury members, Beverly Lacy told reporters that she voted in Brooks' favour because she felt that the hospital had gone back on its word. With regards to the extra charges, she said "We wanted to show them not to do that anymore to anyone else." In their defence, the hospital's attorney stated that when Brooks made the donation in 2005, it was anonymous and unrestricted and it was later - after receiving the donation that the construction of a women's centre was discussed. A spokesperson for the hospital said "Obviously we are disappointed, particularly with the jury's decision to award damages above and beyond the $500,000."
Garth Brooks, however, maintains that he was simply trying to honor his mother's memory as best he could. He referred to the jurors as "heroes" and said that the verdict made him "no longer feel like (he's) crazy." In reference to his mother, he said "This little pistol, she deserves nothing but good."