The five sold-out concerts, which Garth Brooks was scheduled to play in Dublin through the end of July have all been cancelled. Arrangement for ticket refunds are to be announced later today (Wednesday, July 9). The reason given for the cancellations was that Dublin City Council would not grant permission for all concerts. The Council only approved three of the gigs that Brooks was initially going to play between 25 and 29 July at Croke Park. Following the disagreement, Brooks’ management claimed that it had exhausted all avenues in reaching out to the Council, with the country star insisting that he would play either “all or none” of the planned concerts.

Garth Brooks
For the love of music? Brooks refused to play less than the five gigs he had originally planned.

According to the BBC, Brooks reacted by saying that asking which concerts to play and which to cancel would be "like asking to choose one child over another". Clearly the man takes his job pretty seriously.

Unfortunately, while tickets will be refunded, the same might not apply to package deals. Trading Standards Officer Jimmy Hughes said for BBC News: “"If you bought a nice little package, and you'll know it's a package because it will say come to our hotel, stay for two nights, go to see Garth, we'll maybe give you a taxi, something along those lines, you should be getting your money back.”

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But as for fans who arranged their travel and hotel fares separately, they probably won’t be as lucky. “The hotel should actually have the insurance in place, but if you simply decided to buy a ticket on the train down to Dublin or on a bus down to Dublin, on a standard scheduled bus, you have no more right to a refund than somebody who is going down to watch the racing at Leopardstown.”

Garth Brooks
Some fans might lose out on their expenses around the concerts.