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Leonardo Dicaprio Had To Convince Daniel Day-lewis To Make Gangs Of New York

23rd February 2014

LEONARDO DiCaprio was tasked with convincing Daniel Day-Lewis to come out of retirement for Gangs Of New York, because director Martin Scorsese felt sure he would be able to talk the movie great into playing...

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Leonardo Dicaprio Begged Martin Scorsese To Make Gangs Of New York With Him

17th February 2014

LEONARDO DiCaprio was so desperate to work with director Martin Scorsese that he tracked down the script for Gangs Of New York and begged the filmmaker to tackle the project with him.DiCaprio and Scorsese have...

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Scottish Actor Iain Mccoll Loses Cancer Fight

6th July 2013

Gangs Of New York star Iain Mccoll has died at the age of 59.The actor, best known for his roles in U.K. Tv shows City Lights and Rab C. Nesbitt, passed away at a clinic...

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Gangs Of New York To Be Transformed For Tv

29th March 2013

Martin Scorsese is set to bring his Gangs Of New York back to life for a small screen version of the Oscar winning 2002 film.Daniel Day-Lewis played Bill 'the Butcher' Cutting alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and...

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The Things They Say 21634

13th May 2011

"I've known Leo for a long time now and we're very close... when I go over there, that's where I stay, same as if you and me had been friends for 10 years and you...

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Dicaprio Too Bored To Become A Soccer Fan

14th December 2009

Soccer fan STEPHEN GRAHAM failed in his attempts to convert GANGS OF NEW YORK co-star LEONARDO DiCAPRIO into a Liverpool supporter - because the Hollywood star couldn't wait for them to score.The Brit gifted his...

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Day-lewis Almost Lost Movie Son Over Gangs

15th December 2007

The parents of young star DILLON FREASIER almost pulled the 10year-old out of DANIEL DAY-LEWIS' new film after seeing his big screen father in GANGS OF NEW YORK. Freasier's former police officer mother had no...

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Timberlake And Diaz Reunite?

19th February 2007

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and CAMERON DIAZ have sparked reports they are reconciling after leaving a West Hollywood club together on Friday night (16FEB07). The couple called it quits last month (JAN07) after nearly four years together...

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Scorsese Lined Up To Produce British Royal Movie

9th February 2007

MARTIN SCORSESE has been lined up to produce a new star-studded film covering the early life of 19th century British royal QUEEN VICTORIA. The GANGS OF NEW YORK director is teaming up with THE DEPARTED...

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Dicaprio Backs Scorsese Oscar Bid

18th January 2007

Hollywood star LEONARDO DiCAPRIO is backing director MARTIN SCORSESE to win an Oscar for THE DEPARTED, and finds it ridiculous the film-maker has never won an Academy Award. Despite making acclaimed movies including TAXI DRIVER,...

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Dicaprio: 'Shooting Movies Is Like Going To College'

9th January 2007

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO has no plans to ditch acting for college because he gets all the education he needs preparing for new film roles. The TITANIC actor has boosted his brain-power over the years through thorough...

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Diaz Rules Out Timberlake Marriage In Near Future

29th November 2006

Hollywood beauty CAMERON DIAZ has no intention of marrying boyfriend JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE in the near future, because for her their union is already "spiritual". The GANGS OF NEW YORK star, who recently admitted she is...

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Dicaprio Dreamed Of Working With Scorsese

9th October 2006

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO always dreamed of working with acclaimed movie director MARTIN SCORSESE, ever since he was a teen actor trying to make it in Hollywood. The Oscar-nominated star has made three films to date with...

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Scorsese Made Dicaprio Into A Man

6th October 2006

Director MARTIN SCORSESE insists his protege LEONARDO DiCAPRIO has finally matured as an actor, because he was still a "boy" when they teamed up for 2002 movie GANGS OF NEW YORK. Under the TAXI DRIVER...

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Scorsese To Quit Hollywood

15th November 2005

Director MARTIN SCORSESE has quit making Hollywood blockbusters so he can concentrate on documentaries and short films. After big budget hits GANGS OF NEW YORK and THE AVIATOR, the 63-year-old wants to slow down...

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Dicaprio In Shock After Father's Road Crash

12th November 2005

Hollywood superstar LEONARDO DiCAPRIO has spent the last few days at his father's bedside in hospital, following an accident in which he was thrown off his motorbike. The GANGS OF NEW YORK actor has...

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Diaz Hopes New Movie Will Get Her Taken Seriously

7th November 2005

CAMERON DIAZ hopes new movie IN HER SHOES will finally silence critics who believe she only wins roles because of her physical beauty. The former model, 33, is weary of being pilloried for her...

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Scorsese And Dicaprio To Team For Fourth Time

12th September 2005

Acclaimed director MARTIN SCORSESE and actor LEONARDO DiCAPRIO will team up for the fourth time to shoot a movie based on former US President THEODORE ROOSEVELT's life. Reports indicate the film will use EDMUND...

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Dicaprio To Move On From Scorsese

29th June 2005

Hollywood heart-throb LEONARDO DiCAPRIO is set to try out a new director after working with legendary film-maker MARTIN SCORSESE on three successive movies. The TITANIC star has signed up to star in THE BLOOD...

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Broadbent Owes Gangs Role To Short Film

11th April 2005

OSCAR winner JIM BROADBENT would never have starred in GANGS OF NEW YORK if legendary director MARTIN SCORSESE hadn't seen a short film he made in 1992. Broadbent's role in British film-maker MIKE LEIGH's...

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Day Lewis To Be Honoured In Berlin

2nd February 2005

OSCAR-winning actor DANIEL DAY LEWIS will receive a special award at this month's (15FEB05) BERLIN FILM FESTIVAL to honour his contribution to cinema. The MY LEFT FOOT star will be presented with the BERLINALE...

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Diaz Freaks Out Over Bugs On Reality Show

25th January 2005

Hollywood beauty CAMERON DIAZ struggled with giant insects during filming for her MTV reality travel series TRIPPIN'. The GANGS OF NEW YORK actress joins a host of celebrities including her boyfriend JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, DREW...

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Scorsese And Dicaprio Receive Highest French Honour

6th January 2005

Legendary director MARTIN SCORSESE and actor LEONARDO DiCAPRIO have been honoured with France's most prestigious cultural awards. GOODFELLAS film-maker Scorsese was presented with the Legion of Honour (Legion D'Honneur) at the annual ceremony in...

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Blanchett A 'Genius Chameleon'

21st December 2004

CATE BLANCHETT is an acting "genius", according to her THE AVIATOR co-star LEONARDO DiCAPRIO. DiCaprio was hugely impressed with the way Blanchett became her famous character KATHARINE HEPBURN in the movie - qualities he...

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Aviator's Reilly In Awe Of Scorsese

16th December 2004

Actor JOHN C REILLY had so much respect for MARTIN SCORSESE on the set of GANGS OF NEW YORK, he insisted on addressing him by his full name. The OSCAR-nominated star, 39, preferred to...

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Scorsese: 'Dicaprio Has Guts'

9th December 2004

Hollywood director MARTIN SCORSESE has praised LEONARDO DiCAPRIO for having the "guts" to say and do what he thinks. Scorsese has worked with DiCaprio on two films in a row, GANGS OF NEW YORK...

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Scorsese's Feeble Budget Predictions

7th December 2004

Director MARTIN SCORSESE grossly misjudged the budget for his latest movie THE AVIATOR when he predicted it would cost less than GANGS OF NEW YORK and ended up being more expensive. The film-maker was...

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Dicaprio + Day Lewis' Daily Fights

29th November 2004

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and DANIEL DAY LEWIS prepared for tense scenes together in MARTIN SCORSESE's GANGS OF NEW YORK by fighting on set. The actors became firm friends while making the movie - even though...

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Scorsese Plans Smaller Films

6th October 2004

Acclaimed movie director MARTIN SCORSESE is ditching big-budget epic productions in favour of making cheaper, more personal films. The GANGS OF NEW YORK legend has just finished shooting HOWARD HUGHES biopic AVIATOR and he's...

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Neeson Campaigns For Belfast Theatre

30th September 2004

Hollywood star LIAM NEESON has begged politicians to save one of Belfast, Ireland's oldest theatres. The GANGS OF NEW YORK actor, 52, is imploring local councilors to keep the Group Theatre open, arguing such...

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