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Leonardo Dicaprio Had To Convince Daniel Day-lewis To Make Gangs Of New York

Daniel Day Lewis Gangs of New York Martin Scorsese

LEONARDO DiCaprio was tasked with convincing Daniel Day-Lewis to come out of retirement for Gangs of New York, because director Martin Scorsese felt sure he would be able to talk the movie great into playing Bill 'the Butcher' Cutting in the film.

DiCaprio agreed to meet with Day-Lewis in New York and the two actors went for a stroll through Central Park.

In an online Screen Actors Guild interview on Friday night (21Feb14), The Wolf of Wall Street star revealed he spent weeks trying to persuade one of his heroes to take the role of a vicious thug.

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Leonardo Dicaprio Begged Martin Scorsese To Make Gangs Of New York With Him

Martin Scorsese Gangs of New York

LEONARDO DiCaprio was so desperate to work with director Martin Scorsese that he tracked down the script for Gangs of New York and begged the filmmaker to tackle the project with him.

DiCaprio and Scorsese have made five films together since first collaborating on 2002's Gangs of New York, and the actor insists he was always desperate to work with the acclaimed director.

Speaking during a New York Film Society retrospective event focusing on his collaborations with Scorsese, DiCaprio says, "I grew up in a generation of actors that really admired the work from the 1970s, where the director's vision was paramount, and at the top of that list was Marty's work. As soon as I got the opportunity to finance a movie based on my own name, the only person on that list to be able to work with, at least only once, was Martin Scorsese. So I tracked down the only screenplay I knew had a character for me in it, and that was Gangs of New York.

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Scottish Actor Iain Mccoll Loses Cancer Fight

Gangs of New York

Gangs of New York star Iain Mccoll has died at the age of 59.

The actor, best known for his roles in U.K. Tv shows City Lights and Rab C. Nesbitt, passed away at a clinic in Glasgow, Scotland, on Thursday (04Jul13) after a long battle with cancer.

MCColl's City Lights co-star Andy Gray has paid tribute to his pal, praising his comedic talents and promising to raise a glass in his memory.

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Gangs Of New York To Be Transformed For Tv

Martin Scorsese Gangs of New York

Martin Scorsese is set to bring his Gangs of New York back to life for a small screen version of the Oscar winning 2002 film.

Daniel Day-Lewis played Bill 'the Butcher' Cutting alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz in the movie, which focused on the corrupt underworld of New York at the turn of the 19th Century.

Now, 10 years after the movie picked up the Best Picture Oscar, Scorsese has teamed up with bosses at Miramax studios to transform the story for Tv. The series will chronicle gang culture from New York, Chicago and New Orleans.

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Dicaprio Too Bored To Become A Soccer Fan

Stephen Graham Gangs of New York Leonardo Dicaprio

Soccer fan Stephen Graham failed in his attempts to convert Gangs of New York co-star Leonardo Dicaprio into a Liverpool supporter - because the Hollywood star couldn't wait for them to score.

The Brit gifted his one-time movie star pal with a Liverpool shirt and DiCaprio agreed to watch a game with him.

Graham recalls, "He only managed the first half. 'So let me get this straight,' he said. 'It's halfway through the match and there's still no score?'"

Graham always tries to convert Hollywood's leading men to his favourite team on film sets - and his love of soccer has impressed his directors.

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Day-lewis Almost Lost Movie Son Over Gangs

Daniel Day Lewis Gangs of New York

The parents of young star DILLON FREASIER almost pulled the 10year-old out of Daniel Day-Lewis' new film after seeing his big screen father in Gangs of New York.
Freasier's former police officer mother had no idea who Day-Lewis was when her son won the part as his adopted son in There Will Be Blood - and decided to check the actor out on film.
The Irish actor's aides rushed off a copy of The Age of Innocence to the family after hearing they'd picked the wrong movie to judge him by.
He says, "His mother wanted to do things right and she thought she'd better check out this bunch of people that were going to be taking care of her son.
"She said, `I'll go rent a movie that fellow did.' And she went and got Gangs of New York. She was absolutely appalled. She thought she was releasing her dear child into the hands of a monster.
"There was a flurry of phone calls, and somebody sent a copy of The Age of Innocence to her. Apparently that did the trick."
Day-Lewis is thrilled Freasier landed the part of H.W. because he can't imagine enjoying the company of another young star more.
He adds, "We were quite close, we had a nice friendship... He was just one step ahead of us, pretty much most of the time. His mom just raised him so beautifully."

Timberlake And Diaz Reunite?

Justin Timberlake Cameron Diaz Martin Scorsese Gangs of New York Scarlett Johansson Jessica Biel Djimon Hounsou

Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz have sparked reports they are reconciling after leaving a West Hollywood club together on Friday night (16FEB07).
The couple called it quits last month (JAN07) after nearly four years together but reunited briefly at the Whiskey Bar in the Sunset Marquis Hotel.
An eyewitness tells American publication People that Timberlake had joined director Martin Scorsese and about eight other people at a table inside the hotel's exclusive bar.
The MY LOVE singer chatted briefly with Scorsese, who directed Diaz in Gangs of New York, and others at the table until 1am, when Diaz arrived.
The source says, "Cameron never joined their table. She just showed up and Justin got up and started talking to her. They were being very discreet.
"They weren't kissing or holding hands or anything, but they were being very friendly."
The couple then walked out the front door together half-an-hour later.
Timberlake has recently been romantically linked with Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel, while Diaz was spotted getting cozy with BLOOD DIAMOND star Djimon Hounsou on Thursday (15FEB07) night at Hollywood hotspot Hyde.

Scorsese Lined Up To Produce British Royal Movie

Martin Scorsese Gangs of New York Graham King Julian Fellowes Sarah Ferguson

Martin Scorsese has been lined up to produce a new star-studded film covering the early life of 19th century British royal QUEEN VICTORIA.
The Gangs of New York director is teaming up with THE DEPARTED producer Graham King to make the biopic, with Oscar winner Julian Fellowes writing the script.
King admits working with Scorsese on a British film is a dream come true - and points out the monarch's early life has been largely ignored by film-makers.
He says, "We all think we know Queen Victoria from the latter part of her life, but in fact she was an amazing, dynamic, romantic personality from a very early age that is largely unknown.
"I had been searching for a British project for many years so am just thrilled to bring her story to life. And to do so in partnership with Marty is a special joy."
Sarah Ferguson, DUCHESS OF YORK initially introduced King to the Queen Victoria project, which he later accepted.

Tarantino In Superior League To Scorsese

Quentin Tarantino Gangs of New York Raging Bull Kill Bill

Maverick director Quentin Tarantino dislikes the recent films of MARTIN SCORSESE - because they've lost their edge and have become "kind of geriatric".

Tarantino is less than impressed with the Gangs of New York filmmaker's current work, and believes he's no longer the creative force he was when directing classics like Raging Bull and GOODFELLAS.

But the outspoken Kill Bill: VOL 2 director defends Scorsese's right as an artist to make what he wants.

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Scorsese Laughs About Perfectionist Image

Martin Scorsese Gangs of New York

Movie-maker Martin Scorsese is poking fun at his image as a perfectionist
in a new commercial for credit card company AMERICAN EXPRESS.

In the advertisements, the Gangs of New York director critiques
photographs he took at his nephew's birthday party over the counter at a
neighbourhood late-night chemists - insisting they're far from good enough.

After thumbing through the family snapshots, he holds his head in his
hands and moans, "I have lost the narrative thread."

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