The name Galaxie 500 is considered to be synonymous with the 'slowcore' movement spearheaded by the likes of Low and Codeine these days, but take a steady trip back in time to 1988 and they represented something altogether different entirely. Then seen as something of an anomaly, too melancholic and quiet to fit in with the emerging slacker scenes where the likes of Dinosaur Jr, Pixies and Mudhoney were making considerable headway, and far too dark for the sprightly pop REM or Throwing Muses were conveying at that time. By fate rather than any conscious choice, they seemed more at home within the emerging shoegaze community, distinguishable brethren only by demeanour and a penchant for repetitive guitar loops rather than engineering dizzying levels of white noise from their instruments. But of course, that doesn't even tell half the story.

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