Scottish star Gail Porter has broken her silence about her "horrific" time in a psychiatric unit after she was sectioned under Britain's Mental Health Act in May (11).
The TV presenter was forcibly admitted to a medical facility in London after her boyfriend feared she was suicidal and notified authorities.
Porter denies she had plans to take her own life, but admits she did suffer a nervous breakdown and calls her stay in the hospital her most traumatic ordeal to date.
She tells Britain's Sunday Mirror, "It was my lowest moment yet and I have had some low ­moments. In some ways it feels like it hasn't really happened, as if it happened to someone else.
"I don't really remember the first day in the hospital but the rest was horrific. I saw a man slash his wrists in front of me, there were patients just shouting all night with no one ­helping them.
"There was an old lady who screamed all the time and she was just left lying in her own filth. I had to clean her up myself."
The 40 year old, who suffers from alopecia, has now put her hospital stint behind her and is focusing on her future.
Porter adds, "This has been the worst year I have ever had but if I have learned ­anything it is that you can make light out of any ­situation. Obviously being ­sectioned is not the best thing to happen, but a lot of funny things ­happened too...
"I am old and ­knackered, bald and mental... but at least I can laugh about it... I am feeling good, I am keeping busy... and looking to the future."