Actress Gabrielle Union and Annette Bening have become the latest

lipstick lesbians in Hollywood after playing lovers in new movie


The odd couple found lesbian sex and kissing scenes were much

easier than they thought they'd be - and more pleasant than

steamy scenes with men.

In fact, Union can't imagine a better bedmate than Bening for

her lesbian debut onscreen.

Union says, "It's just a bit easier and it's a little softer.

Strangely enough, it feels more natural to be with someone

outside your own relationship when it's a woman.

"It was magical to kiss her (Bening). It was a little

overwhelming. She is truly a professional in the sense that she

knows so much about the business, and knows so much about the

craft and people respect her opinion.

"She can talk to the crew and talk to other cast members and

you listen because you know she knows what she's talking about...

She is such a classy, classy lady - just grateful and so giving

and nurturing and so encouraging."

28/05/2005 01:23