Gabrielle Union is set to become BET's first star in an original, serious drama when she takes on the main role in the upcoming series, Being Mary Jane. The series marks the first time the network has tried their hand at making an original drama series and will kick Being Mary Jane off with a 2-hour special before it becomes a weekly-running one-hour series.

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Union is returning to TV

The drama series has been overseen by the same group that saw BET's hit series The Game become big news in the ratings chart and the network are hoping that Union's portrayal of a hard working, single, successful black female new anchor who is devoted to her family will give women across the country someone to relate to, even if they don't share the same kind of career path or ambition. Although fans will be given a hefty taster of what to expect from the series when it goes to air on Tuesday (July 2) night, fans of the TV-movie will have to wait until next year before they can see the full eight-episode-long first season.

Being Mary Jane the series, which will follow on directly from where the 2-hour long special airing tonight, wont hit screens until January 2014. The series has already been filmed, Union has said, but for now we need to wait until editing is finished and a strong enough buzz is built around the show before they bring it out next year.

The 2 hour special of Being Mary Jane premieres Tuesday (July 2) at 10:30 p.m. on BET.

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Will the series be a hit?