Future Kings Of Spain - interview

Future Kings Of Spain interview Kings conquering speech: Future Kings Of Spain interview

To be met & greeted by four amiable Irish men who appeared as open as a Jerry Springer Show guest, upon entry to a crammed tour bus that was carrying three up & coming bands who form the New World Disorder Tour (including Ludes and My Red Cell) around the UK and would make an ant feel claustrophobic, was a neat surprise. Having toured with Biffy Clyro and Serafin the down to earth Dubliner’s, via front man Joey Wilson expressed their delight in participating in the new format of a three or four band (depending on the night) co-headline slot:

“We play the same set each night, as it is representative enough of the album….
People may come along because they have heard about Ludes or My Red Cell and discover us”.

FKOS’ self titled debut album was discussed and particularly the fact that opening track; ‘A Place For Everything’ is a full on angry metal onslaught compared to their more polished offerings. Guitarist Anton Hegarty was first to respond “All the songs are from personal experiences, whatever we think is all right, we will play”, although admitting that the first track stood out the four concurred that it was not a conscious effort to make that the case. Joey reflected further; “We wouldn’t be able to write a concept album like the life of Gallileo”. Drummer Brian McMahon kept the mystery going by confessing “we have no idea what our next album will be like”.

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