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Funeral For A Friend (formed 2002.)

Funeral For A Friend is a Welsh band, playing post-hardcore music. Originally signed to Ferret Music, FFF later joined Atlantic Records and went on to set up their own label, Join Us. The most recent line up of the band is Kris Coombs-Roberts, Gavin Burrough, Darran Smith, Ryan Richards and Matthew Davies-Kreye.

Formation: Funeral For A Friend started out as the band January Thirst. When the singer, Michael Davies, left in December 2002, Matt Davies was invited to join the band. With the line-up as Matt Davies, Matthew Evans and Johnny Phillips, the band named themselves Funeral For A Friend after a song by Planes Mistaken For Stars. Darran Smith, formerly of Tripcage, joined the band on second guitar. They recorded four tracks at Mighty Atom Studios and the studio's owners offered the band a deal on their own label, Mighty Atom Records.

The band's debut EP Between Order & Model was released in 2002.

Breakthrough: The band's second EP was released in 2003, entitled Four Ways To Scream Your Name and later that year, the band won the 'Best UK Newcomer' award at the Kerrang! Magazine awards.

Funeral For A Friend was the opening act on that year's Concrete Jungle stage at the Reading & Leeds Festivals.

In 2003, the band released their debut album. Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation was well received in the UK, though it was not released in the United States until almost a year later. Three singles released from the album reached the UK Top 20, including 'Juneau', 'Escape Artists Never Die' and 'She Drove Me To Daytime Television.' One of the band's many tours to support the album was as the opening act for Iron Maiden.

In 2005, Funeral For A Friend released Hours, on Atlantic Records. Following the release of the album, the band won 'Best British Band' at the Kerrang! Awards. That year, they also played on the Vans Warped Tour, alongside Hawthorne Heights, Thrice, Saosin and Atreyu. In 1996, they played with Deftones on the Taste of Chaos tour. The support tour for Hours culminated with a slot at the Download Festival, which also featured Guns N Roses.

Tales Don't Tell Themselves was released in 2007. The album was leaked onto the internet four days before the official release date. Tales Don't Tell Themselves reached number three in the UK album chart - their highest chart slot at that point in their career, despite being their lowest selling album, in terms of units sold.

Memory and Humanity was originally intended as an EP release but as they ended up with more material than they set out to write, the band changed their minds and decided to release a full-length album. Scheduled for release in October 2008, Ryan had previously announced on the band's website that this would contain more screaming and harsher vocals than their more recent albums. The song 'Kicking and Screaming' was released as the lead single for the album.

Gareth Davies left the band in September 2004 and was replaced by Gavin Burrough.

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New Model Army And Glen Matlock Added For Camden Rocks 2015 Ahead Of 'Special Headliner' Announcement

New Model Army Glen Matlock Sex Pistols Jaws Funeral For A Friend Dinosaur Pile-Up Turbowolf And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

New Model Army and ex Sex Pistols' bassist Glen Matlock are among the newly announced additions to London's coolest rock event, Camden Rocks 2015, which will take place in May across some of Camden's hottest and most recognisable venues.

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Jaws also join the Camden Rocks 2015 line-up

80s post-punk legends New Model Army join the already electric line-up alongside Glen Matlock from the Sex Pistols, Birmingham's Jaws, post-hardcore four-piece Glamour of the Kill and Australia born bluesy duo The Graveltones according to the latest announcement for the festival, which is set to arrive on May 30th 2015, with a very special headliner who is yet to be unveiled.

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Funeral For A Friend - Chapter And Verse Album Review

Now, fourteen years into their career, it can be easy to forget the meteoric rise that Welsh rockers Funeral For A Friend initially achieved, highlighted by a second stage headliner slot at the 2004 Reading Festival. Over a decade on and they're releasing their seventh album, which is currently being promoted with shows in the UK and mainland Europe.

Funeral For A Friend - Chapter And Verse Album Review

By the time that FFAF hit their commercial peak with 2007's top three album 'Tales Don't Tell Themselves', their earlier hardcore sound had evolved into a more melodic and accessible style. With 'Chapter And Verse', they pitch for a compromise, but more often than not end up at the heavier end of the scale. Opening duo 'Stand By Me For The Millionth Time' and 'You've Got A Bad Case Of The Religions' are full-on audio assaults with the high impact vocals to match. 'You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself' should prove a hit at live events and '1%' sees them tone down the frantic noise, but the relenting of the high-octane output doesn't last long. 'Modern Excuse Of A Man' cranks proceedings up to a level that could make ears bleed, but thankfully ends under the two minute mark. 'Inequality' is better, but 'Donny' has the type of havoc that promotes moshing to somewhat indecipherable sounds. The decision to include an acoustic number, 'Brother', is strange in the context of the record and in honesty doesn't suit the style of vocalist Matthew Davies-Kreye. It does, however, provide respite on a record which rarely takes the opportunity to catch breath, though the quality of output is certainly varied.


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A Week In Music - Eels Back On Form With 'Wonderful, Glorious, Frightened Rabbit Album Uncomfortable Listening, Depeche Mode's Broody New Video

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Albums of Note... Mark Oliver Everett (better known as ‘E’) returns as eels, with new album Wonderful, Glorious. It’s a return to the form that we saw from Eels in the ‘90s. In recent years, Eels albums have been a rather bleak affair, as Everett has had to deal with the death of his parents, his sister and his cousin, all in a relatively short space of time. Wonderful, Glorious sees Eels get some of the fight back – literally, in ‘Kinda Fuzzy,’ in which he snarls “don’t mess with me I’m up for a fight.”“this teeth-grit, eyes ahead attitude is something we've come to expect from Eels, and Wonderful, Glorious is at its best when he's at his growliest… By the end you even sense a form of happiness has fallen upon this most maligned performer…"

Frightened Rabbit Pedestrian Verse Album Cover

Frightened Rabbit have parted ways with Brighton indie label Fat Cat and release their third album Pedestrian Verse on Atlantic Records. With most of the album’s tracks having been written around the time of Scott Hutchinson’s relationship breakup, it can make for a pretty uncomfortable listen at times. With a new producer at the helm the band seem to have developed a more free-flowing musical ideal, even if the emotions contained within are high in intensity.“In summary, 'Pedestrian Verse' can perhaps best be described as the sound of Frightened Rabbit doing what they do best. Just how many more fall outs and break-ups Scott Hutchison can through to continue the cycle remains to be seen, but for now this is up there alongside 'The Midnight Organ Fight' as one of the band's finest collections to date.”

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Funeral For A Friend - Conduit Album Review

2003, Bridgend, South Wales. A post-hardcore band by the name of Funeral For A Friend have just released their debut record 'Casually Dressed And Deep In Conversation'. The reception is excellent, with one notable heavy metal magazine branding them 'the new Nirvana'. Through the next ten years, the band evolved, moving away from the sound that garnered so many plaudits, beginning to fade into the background. Until now, and with 'Conduit', Funeral have produced their best album since that debut.

Funeral For A Friend - Conduit Album Review

Taking the best of the rootsy hardcore that defined their early career and the pop-rock sensibilities of the likes of 2007's 'Tales Don't Tell Themselves', Conduit is a snarling 29-minute beast, starting at breakneck pace and unrelenting until the final seconds. Opening track 'Spine' sets the standard high, a joyous two minutes, Matthew Davies-Kreye's vocals soaring over some compact riffs. The title track is built for the live environment, offering light and shade in equal measure, with shout-along passages thrown in for good measure. And it works. Brilliantly.

Singles 'The Difference' and 'Best Friends and Hospital Beds' are geared for radio play, incorporating their melodic sensibilities excellently. As catchy as they are, however, they pale in comparison to the heavier tracks of the album. 'Nails' and 'Grey' showcase both guitarists ability, the lead breaks underpinned by some of the best riffs of their career.

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Funeral For A Friend - Best Friends and Hospital Beds

Welsh rockers Funeral For A Friend have released the video to their latest single 'Best Friends and Hospital Beds' online ahead of its release on November 12th 2012 with their upcoming album 'Conduit' to be released January 28th 2013.

The video features a series of blurred images almost like random snippets of memory. We then see one member of the band lying on the ground having apparently been unconscious. On his person is a note informing him that he is a test subject who has been injected with a terminal illness and the only way he can treat it is to travel 10 miles to the nearest medical testing base. Unfortunately, tragedy ensues when he fails this apparent 'test of endurance'. The song represents themes of friendship and life-ending illnesses (hence the title) with a driving guitar melody, up tempo drum beats and raging vocals that give the song a strong screamo feel.

The single release will follow their UK date on their Vans Warped Tour which will take place at London's Alexandra Palace on November 10th and has easily sold-out. Don't worry though because they are set to tour again in 2013 from January 23rd to February 19th during the release of 'Conduit'.

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Funeral For A Friend - Waterfront Dance Club

Funeral For A Friend - Beneath The Burning Tree

Funeral For A Friend - Kicking and Screaming

Funeral For A Friend - Rules And Games

Funeral For A Friend, See You All In Hell Album Review

Funeral For A Friend are a band that need no introduction. The Welsh heavyweights are back after a disappointing couple of albums with an EP of new material, remixes, covers, and live versions; at nine tracks you're getting more bang for your proverbial buck; ever the gents.

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Funeral For A Friend, Welcome Home Armageddon Album Review

Currently playing their first ever shows in South Africa, Welsh quintet Funeral For A Friend are imminently to release their fifth album, the follow up 2009's greatest hits compilation. The band returns to tour the UK extensively from March 16, before heading on the across mainland Europe.

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Funeral For A Friend

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