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Fright Night Stars Visit Britain's Celebrity Big Brother House

Fright Night Christopher Mintz-Plasse Anton Yelchin Tara Reid

Fright Night actors Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Anton Yelchin joined Tara Reid and the contestants of British reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother on Monday night (29Aug11) to host a scary movie night for the housemates.

The duo was greeted by screams from Reid and other celebrity contestants including David Hasselhoff's ex-wife Pamela Bach.

Mintz-Plasse and Yelchin offered up tickets to an in-house screening of their new horror film remake, with the winners of the task, including American Pie star Reid, landing places at the showing.

The actors set an additional challenge for one housemate to earn a ticket - by eating a garlic kebab.

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Fright Night: Colin Farrell Improves On 80'S Original

Fright Night Colin Farrell Doctor Who David Tennant

Fright Night, a new version of the 80s cult film classic hits the screens in the next few weeks, and the critics are saying that it improves on the original. Colin Farrell stars as the bloodthirsty vampire, and ex-Doctor Who star David Tennant plays the erstwhile Vampire Hunter. The film runs contrary to the current vampire craze, with the broody, romantic neck-biters we're used to from TWILIGHT being replaced by lots of laughs, blood-letting and slapstick humour.

Critics singled out Farrell and Tennant for their performances, with Robert Koehler from Variety judging the film as: ".A cleverly balanced mix of scares and laughs that is funnier and more terrifying than the 1985 original on which it's based." Shaun O'Connell from the Washington Post said: ".It improves on the premise it has been handed, producing a modernized version of a decades-old story that's superior to its predecessor in virtually every aspect." Scott Bowles in USA Today was particularly fulsome in his praise of Farrell, stating; "The real treat, though, is Farrell. How do you not like a vampire addicted to The Real Housewives of New Jersey? Between this and his cameo in Horrible Bosses, he's summer's hottest comic." Farrell's next big starring role is in a remake of Total Recall, which hits screen's in summer 2012.

Craig Gillespie Defends Gory Fright Night Remake

Fright Night

Film-maker Craig Gillespie has defended the stomach-churning gore in his upcoming remake of Fright Night, insisting it's "fun" to watch.

The director helms the new version of the classic 1985 vampire movie, starring Colin Farrell and David Tennant, and he's warned viewers to prepare for a high-level of blood-curdling scenes.

He tells Empire magazine, "We didn't want to back away from gore. If you're going to do a horror film, you have to go for it, I think. There's a lot of blood and gore - some of it is kind of horrific, but some of it is kinda fun and gross. Some of it is a mix of the two. But if you're going to have vampires sucking blood, you're going to have to show it!"

Farrell Sinks His Teeth Into Vampire Movie

Colin Farrell Fright Night

Colin Farrell is the latest star to take a bite out of the vampire movie craze - he's signed up to play a bloodsucker in a remake of 1985 cult classic Fright Night.

The Irish actor will star alongside Toni Collette and Anton Yelchin in the big screen remake, playing the role made famous by Chris Sarandon in the original.

The Disney movie will see Farrell portray vampire Jerry who is covertly terrorising his neighbourhood, while Yelchin will play the teenager who is convinced the street's new resident has a deadly secret, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Yelchin Set For Fright Night Remake

Star Trek Anton Yelchin Fright Night

Star Trek and TERMINATOR SALVATION star Anton Yelchin is to join another classic movie franchise after signing up to lead the cast in a Fright Night remake.

The actor, who revamped Walter Koenig's character Pavel Chekov in Star Trek and Michael Biehn's Kyle Reese in the 2009 Terminator movie, will revamp the Charley Brewster character in a remake of the 1985 film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The original starred Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale as Brewster, Amanda Bearse and Roddy MCDowall.

Blue Star To Write Spooky Movie Trilogy

Blue Fright Night The Lost Boys

Former Blue star SIMON WEBBE is taking a break from his solo singing career to write a horror movie trilogy.
The British pop heart-throb has already spent four years jotting down plans for the project and is desperate for a studio to pick up his spooky script and casting ideas.
He says, "The film is going to be a trilogy. I've always been interested in vampire films ever since I was a kid.
"I remember watching Fright Night and The Lost Boys.
"I don't want the sex to be a big part of it. I want the sexiness of the characters to carry the story.
"A girl with long legs, a big bosom, a mini-skirt and a low-cut top is not leaving much to the imagination - characters who cover their legs and wear tank tops are sexier."

Fright Night

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