Review of Push Up Single by Freestylers

Freestylers - Push Up

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Freestylers - Push Up - Single Review


Push Up

The Freestylers release ‘Push Up’ from their new album ‘Raw As F**k.’ The Freestylers have always been raw, progressive, ballsy, creative and they don’t fail to deliver on this new track. This track, however, is a pop/r’n’b number, which is unlike much of the Freestylers stuff. It’s much easier to digest. I’m pleased that this talented group has made a upbeat funk fuelled pop track that could even get a Justin Timberlake fan into. I’m not saying that the

Freestylers - Push Up - Single Review

Freestylers have sold out. This track is just as creative and solid as all the music they do. They’ve just created a signature classic that shows all the people in the charts that they cut it in that league and really telling them how it’s done. There’s funk formulated from the likes of Parliament, soulful singing and all the ingredients of a dance floor classic. Genius.

Tareck Ghoneim