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Freestylers Electrified Single

Matt Cantor and Aston Harvey aka Freestylers have been pushing the underground music scene for some time. They've captured the essence of the progressive urban dweller. When breakdance came back and hip hop went supersonic Freestylers were always there playing music and remaining loyal to hip hop but with the progressive charm of industrial Britain. They've created bass pounding music with style and in yer face attitude.

'Electrified' continues in this charm. With the success of 'Push Up' Freestylers are now more known than their previous underground status. Thankfully Freestylers know where the coming from so continue the essence of the underground but with more opportunities for vocal takes. Well they've got it right with 'Electrified'. All the Mc's are dangerous creating real story on a bass thumping crowd rocking track. The production is first class creating break beat with a live band feel. The atmospherics trip you out and then the Mc's come punching back in.The Deepcut remix puts you back into the mix of what Freestylers do. Their pushing boundries and keeping loyal to the dancefloor. 'Old Skool Fool' is also on this single showing the skills of SirReal and as the title suggests 'old skool' is what it's all about. It's all very cool in my book and I continue to enjoy listening to this motley crew. On it!

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Tareck Ghoneim

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