A new Dvd expose of Freddie Mercury's solo career has shed light on the rocker's turbulent relationship with Queen bandmate Brian May.

Director Rhys Thomas has collected lost interviews and footage for his new upcoming movie Freddie Mercury: The Great Pretender, and it quickly becomes clear the singer and his guitarist weren't as close and many thought they were.

Both rockers admit they struggled through tense recording sessions while recording Queen album Hot Space.

In one forgotten Tv chat, the late Mercury said, "We went off on a limb and I said, 'Let's just do some of this black stuff that I liked,' and I kind of forced the other three to do it.

"They hate me for it now because it (album) didn't sell that much."

Asked for his recollection of the recording process, May is diplomatic, adding, "It was very intense... and it led to some inspired moments, but it also led to some conflicts that were difficult."

But Mercury admits his issues with May weren't limited to the Hot Space sessions.

In another unearthed interview, the singer states, "We still fight like kids; every time I'm in the same room with Brian, within five minutes we sort of start (to fight). I haven't hit him yet but there's still time."