Review of A Garden At The Top Of The Tree Album by Fraser

Scottish indie folk/pop group, Fraser, are a lesser known band, but have similarities to many within their genre. 'A Garden At The Top Of The Tree' is the debut album from the band, but not likely to make a statement.

Fraser A Garden At The Top Of The Tree Album

Fraser appear to be a talented group, but I'd stick with the indie pop description, it's far too electronic for folk really. That said, it has a light and airy sound suitable for anytime listening. Occasionally the backing appears a little too strong for the slightly rough and soothing vocals, but not so overpowering that it puts you off. The album is polished and tight, and far from offensive.

'Lay It On The Line' is the first single, and rightly so. It's a catchy tune with a hook to keep your attention. 'Bouboulina Sunshine' has a slight retro aspect to it which is present faintly throughout the whole album - Particularly bands such as The Kinks with this track. Add a great little addictive tapping beat, and you have another favourite.

Fraser are nothing dynamic, but the creative and organic atmosphere they creates makes up for that. There's nothing to dislike, but also nothing to shout about. So the album is not going to make a massive impact and change anything, but you can like it for what it is. Uplifting and happy music.

I will definitely be listening to this again.

Laura Johnstone

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