Aussies know creepy, with movies like Picnic at Hanging Rock and The Piano (okay, Jane Campion's from New Zealand, but whatever). The Well takes creepy beyond these mildly disturbing pictures, shot entirely with a blue-tinted lens filter and dealing with a presumed dead man who's been tossed down a well.

Shades of I Know What You Did Last Summer notwithstanding, The Well explores what happens when two women -- one an older, crippled spinster (Pamela Rabe, who looks like a vaguely female Tom Wilkinson) and a young girl she takes into her home (Miranda Otto, who has the largest head on earth) -- conspire to dispose of a dead man who the young girl hits with their car during a joyride. He's sent down the titular dry well, only for the girl to hear him calling for food, light, and her love. Then there's the little matter of the women's money... which may very well have gone down the well also, hidden in the man's pockets.

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