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Reading Festival 2015

Frank Turner - Reading Festival 2015 - Day 3 at Reading Festival - Reading, United Kingdom - Sunday 30th August 2015

Frank Turner
Frank Turner
Frank Turner

Dr Dre Scores First UK Number One Album With 'Compton'

Dr Dre Frank Turner Don Broco

Dr Dre’s comeback album Compton has topped this week’s album chart, giving the US rapper his first ever UK number one. The album, inspired by the upcoming NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton is Dre’s first release in 16 years following 1999’s 2001.

Dr DreDr Dre is on top of the UK albums chart with Compton.

The album features collaborations with artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Xzibit, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and Eminem. Previously Dre’s highest charting album in the UK had been his last release 2001, which took the number four spot in 1999. His debut album, The Chronic peaked at number 43 in 1994.

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Frank Turner - The Next Storm (Live At Salzer's Records)

With his newest album 'Positive Songs for Negative People' out now, Frank Turner performs his song 'The Next Storm' in an intimate live session at Salzer's Records. The album follows his breakthrough fifth release from 2013 'Tape Deck Heart'.

Frank Turner - Glorious You [Lyric]

Following the success of his 2013 album 'Tape Deck Heart', Frank Turner is returning with an uplifting new album entitled 'Positive Songs For Negative People', featuring the new song 'Glorious You'.

Frank Turner To Brighten Our Year With 'Positive Songs For Negative People'

Frank Turner

Frank Turner is set to return with a brand new studio album later this summer, enticingly entitled 'Positive Songs For Negative People'. Plus, you can catch the London singer on tour in the States this Fall, with 31 tour dates newly announced.

Frank Turner promoFrank Turner to release 'Positive Songs For Negative People'

After the success of 2013's 'Tape Deck Heart', which reached number two in the UK album chart, Frank Turner will be embracing his folky-punk aesthetic yet again on 'Positive Songs For Negative People'. His sixth studio album, Turner recorded the collection over a period of nine days in a studio in Nashville with the legendary Butch Walker.

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Frank Turner - The Third Three Years Album Review

Frank Turner values his loyal fan base. For that he must be applauded. 'The Third Three Years', as the title suggests, is the third such release mopping up demos, covers and unreleased material. By its very nature this compilation is aimed squarely at those that are already on the Turner bandwagon, predominantly those who haven't explored any further than his studio albums. If this is to be Frank's very own 'Bootleg Series', then the period before and after last year's record 'Tape Deck Heart' seems slightly less fruitful than the material presented on the previous two compilations. In honesty, I think it's more a reflection of the tracklisting itself than the additional material he's produced in the last 36 months, there just seem to be some obvious omissions here.

Frank Turner - The Third Three Years Album Review

That there is a distinct focus on acoustic material isn't a problem. It highlights Turner's interest in traditional folk and the strength of his song writing on the stripped down versions of his own songs. However, it is a shame the absence of his band 'The Sleeping Souls' means there's little of the electricity of his recent full band shows and 'Tape Deck Heart' on show here. Perhaps, then, it's best to think of this as a scrapbook rather than a comprehensive representation of Turner's talents.

It's not that 'The Third Three Years' isn't worth your time, it is. However, last time Turner compiled his material in this way we were treated to the bonus 'deluxe edition' tracks from 'England Keep My Bones'. Unfortunately, the equivalent material from 'Tape Deck Heart' is notable by its absence. Equally, 'The Polaroid Picture EP' only gets one entry here, despite containing a number of covers more worthy of inclusion than the likes of Noel Coward's 'The Bad Times Are Just Around The Corner' or the carbon copy of Queen's 'Somebody To Love'. Although the covers are invariably the weakest part of this compilation, they're not all forgettable. Tom Petty's 'American Girl' which is previously unreleased is heartbreaking, and the piano balladry of Cory Branan's 'The Corner' is haunting.

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Leeds Festival 2014 - Day 1

Frank Turner - Leeds Festival 2014 at Bramham Park - Day 1 - Performances - Leeds, United Kingdom - Friday 22nd August 2014

Y Not Festival 2014

Frank Turner - Y Not Festival 2014 - Day 3 - Performances - Pikehall, Derbyshire, United Kingdom - Sunday 3rd August 2014

Frank Turner - Interview at Live At Leeds 2014

Interview with Frank Turner at Live At Leeds 2014

Catching up with Frank Turner is a bit like trying to chase a whirlwind. Packing in two live shows at Live At Leeds as well as a DJ set, he throws himself headfirst into everything he does with an aggressive passion, yet still manages to cultivate a 'friendly guy' image amongst his fans and in the industry. Though aside from being a modest and articulate fellow with a penchant for creative swearing, Frank is bluntly honest, philosophical and startlingly intelligent with plans to start work on his follow up to the acclaimed 'Tape Deck Heart' and sock it to sixteen year old naysayers.

Contactmusic: Hello Frank, how're you doing today?
Frank Turner: I'm alright, just having a bit of an 'arghhh' hectic day. I was DJing in Northampton last night and travelled up today. I'm DJing in Leeds tonight at Propaganda which is actually the reason I'm here. I really don't consider myself to be a DJ but they seem very keen on paying me lots of money to come and play songs that I like off a laptop for an hour. But I do get really into it; I have a bit of a dance, I sing along.

The Live At Leeds people noticed that I was going to be here today and said, 'Do you wanna play a gig as well?' so I said 'Yes, very much so' because, actually, I'm a musician and I like playing music so that's fine.

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A Week In Music, Kanye West Releases 'Black Skinhead' Video, Dawes Talk New Album And Bob Dylan And Mercury And Jackson Duets Are To Be Unveiled

Kanye West Kavinsky Frank Turner Franz Ferdinand Ghostpoet Dawes Disclosure Letlive Freddie Mercury Michael Jackson Taylor Swift Carly Simon Sub Focus

Kanye West Black Skinhead Artwork

A week in music videos... Kanye West has been doing a lot of promotion for his edgy, rock-infused track 'Black Skinhead' (or 'BLKKK SKKKN HEAD' as it's otherwise known'), the lead single from his US and UK number one album 'Yeezus', so his anger when the unfinished video directed by Nick Knight was leaked earlier in July was unsurprising. He described the unauthorised distribution as 'heartbreaking' and no wonder; a video as unique as this was definitely worthy of a grand entrance but, nonetheless, the spoiler has definitely not affected the viewing experience.Watch the video for BLKKK SKKKN HEAD here.

French house star Kavinsky has already become a hit in his home nation with his debut album 'OutRun', released earlier this year, reaching number 2 in the charts and he's certainly turning heads overseas too. Teaming up with Canadian producer The Weeknd on one of his newest singles, Kavinsky delivers a driving dance beat with 'Odd Look' - the single from his new EP of the same name. The track also features on his album as a collaboration with fellow electronic musician SebastiAn. Listen to Odd Look here.

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Frank Turner - Losing Days

1st September 2013 sees the release of Frank Turner's single Losing Days. This is the third single from Frank's fifth studio album Tape Deck Heart released through Xtra Mile Recordings.

Frank Turner - Tape Deck Heart Album Review

With his star already in the ascendancy, last year's inspired Olympic call up by nearly-Sir Danny Boyle to spearhead the introduction of 'The Isles Of Wonder' has merely served as a supercharged catapult for Eton's own Frank Turner. Since the release of his breakthrough album, 'England Keep My Bones' in 2011, Turner has sold out Wembley Arena (Somewhat ironically supported by his surrogate father of impassioned and poetic punk-prone folk, Billy Bragg), stood atop 'Glastonbury Tor' belting out a stirring rendition of 'I Still Believe' and set up his own Hardcore sideline project Mongol Horde.

Frank Turner - Tape Deck Heart Album Review

Having covered off England in his previous release, 'Tape Deck Heart' - his latest of five albums to date - is described more as a 'break-up' album, although references to particular English cornerstones of Frank's are still carefully woven through the tapestry of his newest songs.

From Battersea to Highgate and back to Shoreditch we traverse the capital as Frank pours his heart out and bares his soul for our musical pleasure.

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Frank Turner

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