LATEST: Frank Sinatra's celebrated biographers ROBBYN SWAN and ANTHONY SUMMERS are questioning claims by a 50-something Arizona woman that she's Ol' Blue Eyes' lovechild - because part of her story doesn't add up. JULIE LYMA changed her name to Sinatra in 2000 after her mother, a 1940s "starlet," revealed the truth about her famous father. For the past six years, JULIE SINATRA has been performing live as the late crooner's daughter, but the authors of detailed biography SINATRA: THE LIFE insist there's a big part of Julie's story that seems inaccurate. The husband-and-wife biographers aren't disputing the new Sinatra's parental claims, but they're convinced stories about a trip her mother, DOROTHY BONUCELLI, made to Cuba with Ol' Blue Eyes - under her stage name ALORA GOODING - that helped Julie win a $100,000 (GBP55,500) pay-out from the Sinatra estate in December 2002, are inaccurate. Summers explains, "She tells a long and baroque tale about how Alora, in 1947, supposedly went to Cuba with Sinatra and got involved in a shooting episode. "I wouldn't shoot down her claim to be Sinatra's daughter outside marriage but there are things about the Cuba part of the story that I would feel very unsure about. It doesn't sound credible to us." "There are little details in the story that just don't ring true, like the people who got shot were not carrying guns, but walkie-talkies. Well, it's far from established that walkie-talkies were in common, general use by 1947. Little things like that just seem like flaws in the story." Swan adds, "We did cover Sinatra's visit to Havana in 1947 and examine closely the Bureau of Narcotics' files and other files on the episode. "I got hold of the personal papers of one of the agents involved and there was no mention of the presence of this young woman (Gooding) - and Sinatra was being closely observed - and there certainly is no mention of the shooting episode that Julie recounts, so there are question marks over that whole episode." But the biographers are convinced that Sinatra has at least one authentic lovechild - Aussie claimant DEANNA SINATRA. Summers reveals, "She is the daughter of the actress EVA BARTOK and we're rather satisfied, short of DNA proof, that her claim is truthful and accurate. "The sad thing is Sinatra rebuffed all her attempts to get in touch before he died, even though she made it completely clear she didn't want anything material from him - no money, nothing. "She simply wanted to have spoken to her father before he died."