Frank Ocean! King of the Nerds! That’s right, the people behind the Webbys – those who decide which people have impressed the internet the most over the past year – have decided that the Odd Future member and breakout solo artist has suitably wowed them and their thick-rimmed frames so as to award him The Webby Person Of The Year.

Billboard report that the R&B singer has been recognized by the Webbys "for proving the power of the Web as a medium for cultural change when he announced his bisexuality to his Tumblr community." Nice work there Frank. Elsewhere Jerry Seinfeld has been awarded in the category of outstanding comedic performance, thanks to his 10-episode Web series Comedian in Cars Getting Coffee which showed the Seinfeld star hanging out with comedian friends.

There’s some other big winners too, HBO Go (four awards, including best media streaming service), Lady Gaga (for best celebrity-fan social presence), Conan O'Brien (for best celebrity-fan website) and The New York Times (best news social presence). Just in case you were worried that all of these awards were being given out to celebrities merely to boost the events profile, there are some true tech geeks being honored too – namely Steve Wilhite, creator of the GIF file. A lord among men if ever there was. President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign will also get a special achievement award for its use of technology.

Frank Ocean
Frank Ocean has been named Webby Person Of The Year. He'll be delighted with that.