Frank Ocean made big news earlier this week when, in an open letter to fans, he announced that his first love affair was with a man. The singer, who is known for his provocative songs detailing sexual liaisons with women, has since raised questions over the relationship he will now share with the rest of his associated hip hop collective Odd Future, who are known for their lyrics often being interpreted as being homophobic.

OF head-honcho TYLER, THE CREATOR tweeted on Wednesday: "My big brother finally f---ing did that, proud of that n---a cause I know that sh-- is difficult or whatever. Anyway. I'm a toilet."

So as far, as things look, there is no ill feeling what so ever in the group, of which fellow member SYD THA KID is a lesbian, and since the outing many have risen to question the authenticity of the groups supposed 'homophobia' and media misinterpretation.

Jerry Portwood, who is editor of Out magazine said of the choice of words the band members use: "a lot of times, I think they're saying what they say to their friends, what their friends are saying, what we say to each other, but we're not supposed to say in front of a camera or be recorded saying."

Likewise, Dawton Thomas of Vibe magazine has said "I think Odd Future and Frank Ocean are probably tighter than they ever been. You can't be homophobic and have a lesbian in the crew. I can't see how you can have that".

Whatever the circumstances within the crew, the outing is clearly not affecting Ocean's career as he has already sold out his month-long tour of the States and booked his first performance on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' to plug his upcoming debut album Channel Orange.