The rumour mill has been put into steady motion by talk of an impending new album from New Orleans rapper Frank Ocean, as reports reveal that he held a very exclusive listening party in New York over the weekend (February 28th 2016). Videos were put online, but officials have been very quick to remove all traces of the leak.

Frank OceanIs Frank Ocean hiding some new music from us?

Reports have come in claiming that Ocean debuted some new music at a secret location, with short snippets of two apparently new songs being shared online. There's no evidence that they are from Ocean, but they allegedly sound very much like him singing. If circumstances surrounding this VIP gathering are true, we could be expecting the long overdue follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2012 album 'Channel Orange' very soon.

It's even been rumoured that his upcoming album - which was supposed to be released in the summer of 2015 - will be called 'Boys Don't Cry', but this has not yet been confirmed by a reliable source. We've seen very little of Ocean since the release of 'Channel Orange'. He collaborated with Jay-Z on his 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' single 'Oceans' the following year and Beyoncé on 'Superpower', along with a number of other artists, but for the last three years we've heard nothing else.

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That was, of course, until he appeared on Kanye West's new single 'Wolves' from his 'The Life of Pablo' album. The original recording of the song featured vocals by Vic Mensa and Sia Furler, but they were later replaced by Ocean and Caroline Shaw.

Don't hold your breath thinking that this means things are moving in Ocean's world, though. And don't think you're the only one getting seriously frustrated by his silence. Trust us, you're not alone. Even Adele thinks the wait is getting a bit ridiculous now. 'I'm just f***ing waiting for Frank f***ing Ocean to come out with his album', she said in an interview with Rolling Stone last year. 'It's taking so f***ing long.'

We feel ya, Adele. We feel ya.