Frank Ocean played London last night, and he’ll do the same tonight. The first of the two sold out shows at 02’s Brixton Academy saw two new songs - Feel California' and ' Anything For You' – played to an adoring crowd.

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The tracks were debuted last month in Munich, but according to Ocean, this tour has nothing to do with a new album. "All the travel isn’t in support of an album or anything like that really - past or ahead. There’s no label or touring firm dollars involved,” he wrote on his blog. “All pennies from my pocket. In support of some odd daydream. Ops to photograph crowds and clouds from planes. Contrast all the quiet with some noise. New noise and old noise..sober crowd, faded crowd. All welcome."

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He opened with ‘Feel California’ before hitting fans with the second new song, ‘Anything For You’, which features the lyrics: "I’d rather live outside/I’d rather chip my pride than lose my mind out here... Maybe I’m a fool/ Or maybe I should move and settle/two kids and a swimming pool."

Frank OceanOcean released his first album, Channel Orange, to critical acclaim

Comparing him to greats such as Marvin Gaye and Barry White, The Telegraph’s Bernadette McNulty reviewed last night’s show, saying: “His vulnerable conviction and the adoration this provokes in his fans is impressive but for the first half the muddy production makes his opaque, crooning delivery and mid-tempo arrangements – somewhere between Steely Dan and the really noodly ones off Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions – even harder to connect with.” The review gave him three stars.