Frank Ocean, who is currently on his UK and European tour, has cancelled plans to visit Egypt later this month. Discouraged by the civil unrest in the country, Ocean posted the following message on his Tumblr page: “I really wanted to go to cairo in between [concerts in] europe and australia.. might let things settle some.

Frank Ocean, Time 100 Gala
Ocean is replacing his trip to Egypt with one to South Africa

“[I'll] go to south africa instead and place some flowers on a gate for the president [Nelson Mandela]. For being epic and 94. All the travel isn't in support of an album or anything like that really- past or ahead. There's no label or touring firm dollars involved. All pennies from my pocket.”

The singer is of course referring to the situation, following the overthrow of Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi by the military. Following his apology, the singer went on a little poetic digression, writing: “In support of some odd daydream. ops to photograph crowds and clouds from planes. contrast all the quiet with some noise. new noise and old noise..sober crowd, faaded crowd. all welcome.”

Frank Ocean, Time 100 Gala
Always true to form, Ocean ended the post with a unifying message for his fans.

While he waits for the situation in Egypt to settle, there is plenty for Ocean to do at home. The performer is currently at work on his sophomore album, a follow-up from 2012’s “Channel Orange” and has even treated fans at his London shows to a few songs off the new record.

Frank Ocean, Paris Fashion Week
The singer is currently working on his second album.