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5 To 7 Trailer

Arielle and Valéry don't exactly have a conventional marriage, they're happy enough and have two children together but they openly embrace the company of other extramarital partners - well, that is as long as the relationship doesn't involve kissing or any other physical contact.

When a chance meeting leads Arielle to make friends with gifted writer Brian, they instantly have a connection. He's quiet and much longer than the French mother, but it's obvious that both Arielle and Brian would like to meet again.

As Arielle begins to tell Brian that she can see Brian again between the hours of 5 and 7 she opens up to the youngster tells him about her French diplomat husband and their children. The information is hard to digest for Brian but feeling that their friendship is worth exploring further, Brian agrees to Arielle's rules. As their relationship deepens, Brian introduces Arielle to his parents; although obviously older than their son, she's a beautiful woman who both can see making their son happy - that is until they find out about the peculiar arrangement. As the pair grow closer, a relationship with no physical bond becomes ever harder. 2 hours a day isn't enough time for Brian and he wishes for far more than he knows he should morally ask for. Is there a way for Arielle and Brian's relationship to work?

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Frank Langella Returning To Broadway Stage

Frank Langella

The Frost/Nixon star will lead the cast in the U.S. premiere of The Father, which follows a retired dancer living with his adult daughter and her husband as he struggles with dementia.

The black comedy, which won France's prestigious Moliere Award for Best Play last year (14), will be translated by Oscar winner Christopher Hampton and directed by Doubt's Doug Hughes, with whom Langella worked on A Man for All Seasons in 2008.

Previews will begin at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre in March, 2016, ahead of a 12 April (15) opening.

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Draft Day Review


Essentially this year's Moneyball, but set in American football rather than baseball, this fast-paced drama is brightly made with an especially strong cast. But only die-hard fans will be able to drum up much interest in the plot, which is played as if it's the most important thing on earth. This insular approach is seriously alienating for audience members with even the slightest sense of perspective about life. Thankfully, the actors are likeable and entertaining.

It's set over the 12 hours leading up to the NFL draft, when teams select the top players from university teams. In Cleveland, manager Sonny (Kevin Costner) is struggling to hang on to his job, arguing with Coach Penn (Denis Leary) about who should be the first pick. And when he swaps with another team for the top selection, the team owner (Frank Langella) pressures Sonny to take the most highly desired player in the field (Josh Pence). But Sonny has his doubts, and amid backroom dealings and frantic last-minute swaps, he also looks at another promising player (Chadwick Boseman) while making sure the team's current quarterback (Tom Welling) is up to his job. Meanwhile, Sonny and the team's financial manager Ali (Jennifer Garner) are in a secret relationship and have just found out that they're pregnant.

Most of this takes place during phone calls, but director Ivan Reitman manages to make this visually intriguing using whizzy split-screen trickery. And while Garner's character feels utterly irrelevant, like a distraction to the main football plot , she adds the badly needed human interest element, as do two other actresses in smaller roles: Ellen Burstyn and Rosanna Arquette as Sonny's mother and ex-wife, respectively. There are also strong cameos from the likes of Sean Combs as a high-powered agent and Sam Elliot as a sporting veteran. And it's all anchored effortlessly by Costner's affable charm, providing resonance in Sonny's attempt to play a long game while being pushed to make the flashier decisions.

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Grace Of Monaco Review


While the tone is all wrong, this fantastical version of a momentous year in the life of Grace Kelly is still entertaining, and not just unintentionally. Lavishly designed and heavily fictionalised, the film is anchored by a solid movie-star performance from Nicole Kidman that may miss Kelly's persona but captures an intriguing inner life.

It's set in 1961, five years after Grace (Kidman) left her Oscar-winning career to marry Monaco's Prince Rainier (Tim Roth). Now with two kids, she is still struggling to define her role as a foreign-born princess while considering a return to Hollywood. Meanwhile, France is ominously threatening Monaco with embargoes and more if Rainier doesn't start taxing his population and paying the money to France. Taking advice from her priest friend Tucker (Frank Langella), Grace decides to devote herself to her husband to help solve the crisis. This will require training with an etiquette guru (Derek Jacobi) as well as fending off the in-laws (Geraldine Somerville and Nicholas Farrell). And it may mean that she'll never return to the movies.

The script by producer Arash Amel presents each of Grace's decisions in the most simplistic melodramatic light, as director Olivier Dahan cuts to yet another extreme close-up of Kidman's weeping eyes. The corny approach undermines any chance at real drama, as the filmmakers keep trying to crank up suspense (someone is leaking secrets!) or emotion (the people need a champion!) without building up any meaningful substance. This makes most of the plotting feel rather laughably silly, centred around a painfully dull series of political negotiations.

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Salma Hayek Reveals Hard Work Behind "The Prophet" At Cannes In-Progress Premiere

Salma Hayek Liam Neeson John Krasinski Alfred Molina Frank Langella

Salma Hayek took to Cannes to show and promote The Prophet this weekend – her own creative baby, based onKhalil Gibran's philosophical novel. Hayek is producing the film, with Roger Allers co-directing with a long list of creatives, including Tomm Moore, Joan Gratz, Joann Sfar, Bill Plympton, Paul and Gaeton Brizzi, Michal Socha, Nina Paley and Mohammed Saeed Harib, each of whom was in charge of a separate thematic section of the animated flick.

Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek has a personal attachment to The Prophet.

As its producer, Hayek is very dedicated to The Prophet, not least because it’s a pet project of hers and one she associates with her childhood. She talked about it at Cannes, where the film had an in-progress screening this week.

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"Draft Day" Los Angeles Premiere

Frank Langella - "Draft Day" Los Angeles Premiere At Regency Village Theatre - Westwood, California, United States - Monday 7th April 2014

Frank Langella
Frank Langella
Frank Langella
Frank Langella
Frank Langella

Premiere Of 'Draft Day'

Frank Langella - Premiere of Summit Entertainment's 'Draft Day' at the Regency Village Theatre - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 7th April 2014

Frank Langella

Film Premiere Of Draft Day

Frank Langella and Chadwick Boseman - Film Premiere of Draft Day - Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 8th April 2014

Frank Langella and Chadwick Boseman
Frank Langella

Grace of Monaco Trailer

Grace Kelly is one of the most famous and most beloved Hollywood actresses in the world having won an Academy Award and two Golden Globes among others, and having starred in some of the most exciting films of the fifties. In 1955, her life changes dramatically when she catches the eye of the charming Prince Rainier III of Monaco who is on the lookout for the perfect wife. After three days of meeting, wedding plans begin and the high profile of such an event forces Grace to give up acting. Their marriage is about to be seriously tested, however, as Grace is offered a new screen role and she is itching to get back in front of the cameras. Unfortunately for her, nobody is in agreement with her continuing in film as a bad role could mar her royal reputation.

'Grace Of Monaco' is the dramatic onscreen biography of actress-turned-princess Grace Kelly, who was well-known for appearing in several of Alfred Hitchcock's films. It has been directed by the BAFTA nominated Olivier Dahan ('La Vie en Rose', 'Ghost River', 'Crimson Rivers 2') and written by Arash Amel ('The Expatriate'). The film is set to be released in the UK on June 6th 2014.

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Muppets Most Wanted - Clip

Kermit and friends are set to go international with the help of their unfortunately named new tour manager Dominic Badguy, with hopes of selling-out major theatres in all the big cities of the world including Berlin, Madrid and London. As usual though, things are not about to run smoothly for these trouble magnets as they are forced to postpone their tour when Kermit becomes under suspicion for robbery. It's bad luck for him that there's another frog in town - the formidable Constantine, who organises a jewel heist with the knowledge that he may evade capture because of his unwitting doppelganger. Constantine tries to pretend he's Kermit amongst the other Muppets in an effort to evade detection while Kermit gets locked up, but will they realise their mistake in time to release their real friend and finish their tour?

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Frank Langella Hailed By Critics For King Lear

Frank Langella King Lear

Veteran actor Frank Langella has been hailed as "magnificent" by critics for his star turn in a revival of King Lear in New York City.

The Frost/Nixon star portrays the doomed ruler in a new production of William Shakespeare's tragedy at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Harvey Theater, which opened on Thursday night (16Jan14).

Langella, who turned 76 on 1 January (14), turned in a stellar performance in the title role, according to The New York Times' Ben Brantley, who was full of praise for the ageing actor, writing, "A magnificent incredulity flows, as hot and coursing as lava, from Frank Langella's King Lear... Mr. Langella improbably turned 76 this month, but he retains a mighty strength to command (not to mention the ability to remember a whole lot of weighty words)."

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Kevin Costner Is Maverick Browns Manager Sonny Weaver In 'Draft Day' [Trailer]

Kevin Costner Jennifer Garner Frank Langella

Taking one of the most exciting days in the football calendar and translating it to a movie screen will either be the dumbest or most ingenious idea Ivan Reitman’s ever had, which is precisely the kind judgement passed by Kevin Costner's Sonny Weaver in Draft Day.

Kevin CostnerKevin Costner in Draft Day as Sonny Weaver

Sonny is the Cleveland Brown’s general manager, and is charged with making the perfect draft. With pressure from Harvey Molina, the no-nonsense owner played by Frank Langella, and a hoard of dedicated fans, Weaver certainly has his work cut out. But he’s not about to go down without a fight.

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Draft Day Trailer

Sonny Weaver, Jr. is the general manager of National Football League team the Cleveland Browns who is faced with immediate dismissal if he does not put together an unbeatable draft pick for his team. With pressure from his associates and from Browns fans, he wants to make a spectacular impact on the football world on draft day but, with his ideas being very different from everyone else's, he's in for a big struggle to bring everyone round to his way of thinking and after making what seems like a professionally suicidal trade, even his mother starts to lose faith in him. Excitement builds as draft day nears, with everyone baffled by what could possibly be in store for the Cleveland Browns; but will Sonny pull through with the number one pick of the year?

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The 66th Annual Tony Awards, Held At Beacon Theatre - Arrivals

Frank Langella Sunday 10th June 2012 The 66th Annual Tony Awards, held at Beacon Theatre - Arrivals

Frank Langella
Frank Langella

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