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Rob Reiner's 'And So It Goes' Is A Safe Bet At The Cinema This Weekend

Michael Douglas Diane Keaton Rob Reiner Frances Sternhagen Frankie Valli John Scott Shepherd

Fresh from the critical and box office success of Behind The Candelabra, for which he made off with a haul of awards for his portrayal of Liberace, Michael Douglas returns in a new romantic comedy And So It Goes.

And So It Goes
Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton star in And So It Goes

Alongside Diane Keaton, Douglas plays a curmudgeonly real estate agent on the verge of retirement who suddenly has a granddaughter thrust upon him by his estranged son. Determined to continue with his life, he in turn foists the nine-year-old child upon his neighbour [Keaton]. But gradually, Douglas’ character opens up his heart to both his granddaughter and neighbour, learning to readjust his priorities in life.

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And So It Goes Trailer

Oren Little is a wealthy realtor well-known for his abhorrent personality and generally poisonous attitude towards anyone who disagrees with or annoys him. Having spent a career lying and cheating his way through lucrative housing deals, he's just about ready to retire - but, unfortunately for him, a quiet lapse into old age is not what awaits him. When his estranged son arrives on his doorstep with his young daughter, Oren is horrified that he has now been charged with taking care of her. He attempts to get his neighbour Leah to take her in, but he soon begins to realise that there's a lot more love in his heart than he, or anybody, had ever thought. As well as finally opening his arms to his granddaughter, he is even starting to feel for Leah - though, being so used to offending people, even his attempts to be nice don't turn out right.

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Abingdon Theatre Company Honors-Arrivals

Brian Richard Mori, Dick Cavett, Frances Sternhagen and Jan Buttram - Abingdon Theatre Company Honors, held at Espace-Arrivals. - New York, NY, United States - Tuesday 8th October 2013

Brian Richard Mori, Dick Cavett, Frances Sternhagen and Jan Buttram
Dick Cavett and Frances Sternhagen
Dick Cavett

58th Annual Village Voice Obie Awards

Judith Light and Frances Sternhagen - 58th Annual Village Voice Obie Awards - New York City, New York, United States - Monday 20th May 2013

Judith Light and Frances Sternhagen
Judith Light
Judith Light, Jeremy Shamos and Jessica Hecht
Judith Light
Judith Light and Meryl Streep
Judith Light and Courtney Vance

Picture - Frances Sternhagen , Sunday 13th January 2013

Frances Sternhagen Opening night of 'Picnic' at the American Airlines Theatre - Arrivals Featuring: Frances Sternhagen Where: New York City, NY, United States When: 13 Jan 2013

Frances Sternhagen

Opening Night Of The MTC Production Of 'The Columnist' At The Friedman Theatre - Arrivals.

Frances Sternhagen Wednesday 25th April 2012 Opening night of the MTC production of 'The Columnist' at the Friedman Theatre - Arrivals.

Broadway Opening Night Of Gore Vidal's 'The Best Man' At The Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre - Arrivals

Frances Sternhagen and Judith Light - Frances Sternhagen and Judith Light Sunday 1st April 2012 Broadway opening night of Gore Vidal's 'The Best Man' at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre - Arrivals

Frances Sternhagen and Judith Light
Frances Sternhagen

Dolphin Tale Review

Relentlessly heartwarming, this film can't help but move us to tears. Honestly, it stars a disabled dolphin, an injured war veteran, a couple of cute kids and Morgan Freeman! It's also a great story, nicely told.

Shy 11-year-old Sawyer (Gamble) struggles to relate to other kids, and now his revered swim-champ cousin (Stowell) is heading off to war just as summer begins. One day Sawyer helps rescue Winter, a dolphin entangled in a crab trap, and gets involved in her rehabilitation with Dr Clay (Connick) and his daughter Hazel (Zuehlsdorff). Sawyer's mother (Judd) reluctantly lets him skip summer-school to work at the aquarium, which is under threat from mounting bills. And Sawyer convinces a prosthetic expert (Freeman) to help the now tailless Winter regain her ability to swim.

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Dolphin Tale Trailer

A young boy named Sawyer is walking along the beach in Clearwater, Florida, when he comes across a dolphin caught in a crab trap. She is brought back to the Clearwater Marine Hospital, a marine rehabilitation centre, where she is named Winter. It is also discovered that the trap has greatly damaged her tail. With no tail, Winter's chances of survival are very slim.

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Julie & Julia Review

Ephron reunites with Streep for this slightly overlong and very girly drama based on two true stories, both of which are involving and well-played. The comedy is earthy and real, and the film looks good enough to eat.

In 1949, Julia Child (Streep) is living in Paris with her diplomat husband (Tucci), looking to fill her spare time. She settles on cooking, and after completing Le Cordon Bleu teams up with two chefs (Emond and Carey) to write a French cookbook for the American market. In 2002 New York, Julie Powell (Adams) needs something to distract her from her job dealing with claims resulting from 9/11. With the encouragement of her husband (Messina), she decides to cook all 524 of Child's recipes in one year while blogging about the experience.

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The Mist Review

If I didn't know better, judging by the title, I'd say a new horror film called The Mist might just be a throwback to the campy slasher flicks of the early 1980s. It sounds suspiciously like a new name for yet another remake of John Carpenter's classic, The Fog. Well, The Mist is neither cheesy nor remade. In fact, it's a very simple title for a complex and intriguing tale that's more about humanity than a bunch of monsters.

Based on a novella by Stephen King, the worst electrical storm on record has a small coastal Maine town assessing the damages to their homes and businesses. Locals have flocked to the town's only grocery store to stock up on supplies while police, fire, and military personnel blanket the surrounding area. As a result of the storm, everything is out -- power, phones, and radios; the town is cut-off from the rest of the world. Oh, and the storm has also left behind an ominous mist that quickly shrouds the town, trapping those inside the grocery store when it appears that bloodthirsty, inhuman monsters are lurking outside.

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Outland Review

You're stuck as a lawman on a moon of Jupiter, where they do nothing but mine titanium. When the shit goes down, who ya gonna call? This harrowing sci-fi flick has mellowed with age over the years, but Sean Connery's performance is still good, and the first couple of acts are still quite engaging. Too bad the finale ends up being one big shootout. Hell, we could get that back on earth.

The Laramie Project Review

Hey, look at me! I'm a B-list Hollywood actor with an inflated sense of self-worth that thinks he can "do something" for the world by making a socially responsible film.

Hey, look at me! A gay kid got beaten to death in Laramie, Wyoming, so let's go there and interview people... and write a play using their words.

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Misery Review

Not only is Misery the best adaptation of a Stephen King book ever made, it's the only good one ever made! (Though this may change with this year's The Green Mile.) The story of a rabid fan who imprisons her favorite writer in her remote cabin, and makes him write stuff he doesn't want to... sounds just like my day job.
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