Fran Rodgers, Interview

11 July 2007

Fran Rodgers - Interview

Fran Rodgers - Interview

Fran Rodgers

Fran Rodgers releases her monumental debut single 'I fell to you under winter sun' on Monday the 16th of July 2007 across the UK via Leeds' finest new label 'On the Bone Records' and I caught up with her to find out a little more on her music and career. So Fran, tell us a little bit more about the single as it seems very different to previous work and is this a one off newbie or sign of things to come?

Fran: A sign of things to come, definitely! Playing on my own means that I'm quite restricted with what I can do live, so it's nice to try out a few different things when I'm recording. I'm really happy with the way it's turned out - I recorded it with Richard Green at his analog studio and the sound is exactly as I wanted it.

CM. The launch event at the Brudenell in Leeds seems set to be a big event with a fantastic line-up (Laura Groves, Rosie Taylor Project, The Partisans, etc). Why did you decide to pick these acts and do you see the Brudenell as your home in Leeds for playing live?

Fran: I can't wait for it! They're all people that I've seen or heard recently that really stand out from the rest. I admire them all for different reasons. And I wanted a line up that flowed well; hopefully people who come for one act will be introduced to the others and like them as much as I do. I think that's really important at gigs. It had to be at the Brudenell or the Packhorse because they're by far the best venues in Leeds for me. I spend far too much time in both of them!

CM. Are you working on an album or EP release for the future as we see the demise of the single inevitably coming over the hill and what can we expect from this?

Fran: I would think the next release will be an EP, ideally a 10 inch. Maybe with some collaborations as well as solo stuff, since that's something I really enjoy doing.

CM. What's the best part of releasing a single for you and can we expect to see you at any festivals this summer?

Fran: It's good to have something to work towards, something to celebrate and to represent what you're doing. I really enjoyed recording on reel-to-reel too, it makes a huge difference to the sound and to the experience. I'm playing with The Partisans at Thornborough and Moor Music this year which should be great fun!

CM. Where does the inspiration come from for these emotional and 'sometimes' dark songs and are you of sane mind and mental health?

Fran: I would like to think so! I tend to write about people I know, their experiences and my experiences, and embellish them a bit along the way. I have quite a pessimistic view of the world, so I suppose that comes out in my songs!

CM. You did a live slot with 'Duke Special' earlier this year and you've also been seen with 'Tom Brosseau' and 'Curtis Eller' and been performing on the radio and TV very recently. Can we expect to see Fran Rodgers on bill boards some time soon after this signing/release with 'On the Bone' or is it early days yet?

Fran: I have no idea. I'll just keep plodding on and see what happens!

CM. People seem to rave about your live performances (and I can certainly agree with them) so when and where can the punters get a piece of the nu-folk pie?

Fran: The launch gig on Friday 13th is a good place to start! I'll be playing with the Partisans as well as by myself. After that I'm playing at the City Screen Basement in York on 17th July, outside at the Packhorse on 28th July, which is an On The Bone Records day, with all the bands on the label performing. And then 10th August at the Brudenell. Everything's on my website and myspace so just keep checking there.

CM: And what does the future hold for the folk chanteuse?

Fran: I have no idea, but it will no doubt involve a lot of cats.

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