Review of Stop Drop and Roll!!! Album by Foxboro Hot Tubs

Read our review of Foxboro Hot Tubs album 'Stop Drop and Roll!!!' released through Jingle Town Records.

Foxboro Hot Tubs Stop Drop and Roll!!! Album

When Green Day started to promote a band called Foxboro Hot Tubs on Myspace, people started to take note, further so when six tracks became available to listen to it didn't take much to figure out Green Day's new alias. Foxboro Hot Tubs have honed a sound full of 60's garage pop mixed with some 70's punk style Green Day songs. You can tell the band have had real fun producing this album and that they clearly love making records.

When a band called Foxboro Hot Tubs released 6 tracks for free via Green Day's MySpace page, sounding suspiciously like a more garage 60s pop/ 70s punk version of Green Day, there was cause for rejoicing all 'round. Dookie was a record full of great tracks and lots of fun, Stop Drop and Roll!!! captures the same energy.

The album's full of tracks Yardbirds or The Kinks could've quite happily called their own, with the spirit of Toy Doll' version of Nellie The Elephant, from beginning to end, the whole album is a blast. It's truly refreshing to hear a band that's quite obviously on top of their game and making a fantastic album for fun - with a few welcome (touching on cheesy) additions, Foxboro Hot Tubs stick to a Green Day style but have come up with some fantastic pop song, in the best punk tradition possible. American Idiot will be followed up when the band are good and ready, until then embrace The Hot Tubs. Essential.


Mike Rea

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