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Wahlberg Declined Supergroup Offer

Mark Wahlberg Four Brothers Tyrese Gibson Andre Benjamin

Mark Wahlberg almost returned to his hip hop past on the set of Four Brothers when co-stars Tyrese Gibson and Andre Benjamin tried to coax him into the studio.
The former MARKY MARK + THE FUNKY BUNCH frontman admits he still records tracks for fun in his home studio but was once invited to become part of an R+B supertrio.
He says, "When I was making Four Brothers with Tyrese and Andre they were trying to get me up in the studio."
But Wahlberg is happy he didn't sign up for the distraction - because he saw how difficult it was for Gibson to balance his movie role with his recording career.
THE DEPARTED star explains, "Tyrese recorded his album, most of it, while we were shooting; that's why he didn't know any of his lines."

Crash Claims African American Critics' Best Film Prize

Terrence Howard Felicity Huffman John Singleton Four Brothers

Gritty drama CRASH has claimed yet another top film award after the African American Critics Association named the drama its Movie of the Year.

The film's star Terrence Howard was also honoured as Best Actor for his role in another film, HUSTLE + FLOW.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Felicity Huffman continued to lead the race for an Oscar after claiming the AACA's Best Actress prize as a transgender man in TRANSAMERICA.

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Pride And Prejudice Holds On At The Top

David Cronenberg A History of Violence Four Brothers Mark Wahlberg Outkast Guy Ritchie DEUCE BIGALOW Tim Burton Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

JOE WRIGHT'S PRIDE AND PREJUDICE remains aloft of the UK box office for the third week running, beating off a string of high profile new entries.

David Cronenberg's acclaimed A History of Violence debuted in at number two, while newly released soccer movie GOAL! came in at number three.

Newcomer Four Brothers, which stars Mark Wahlberg and Outkast rapper ANDRE '3000' BENJAMIN as siblings avenging their mother's death, won fourth position.

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Four Brothers - John Singleton Interview - Video Streams

Four Brothers - John Singleton Interview - Video Streams

JOHN SINGLETON (director) exploded onto the scene with his first film, "Boyz N the Hood," a tough, intelligent, plain-speaking look at friends in gang-ridden South Central L. A. that earned him two Oscar® nominations, for Best Original Screenplay and Best Director. Singleton became the first African-American (and the youngest filmmaker ever) to achieve both honors.
Singleton recently directed the successful "2 Fast 2 Furious" and wrote, produced, and directed "Baby Boy," starring R&B singer (and "Four Brothers" star) Tyrese Gibson, Ving Rhames, Snoop Dogg, and newcomer Taraji P. Henson. "Baby Boy" received four NAACP nominations. He also wrote, produced, and directed "Shaft," starring Samuel L. Jackson, for Paramount Pictures. Before that, he directed "Rosewood," starring Jon Voight and Ving Rhames. Prior to that, he wrote, produced and directed "Higher Learning" starring Ice Cube and Laurence Fishburne, and wrote, produced, and directed "Poetic Justice" starring Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur. Most recently, Singleton produced the 2005 Sundance Film Festival hit "Hustle & Flow."

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Four Brothers -Andre Benjamin Interview - Video Streams

Four Brothers -Andre Benjamin Interview - Video Streams

ANDRÉ BENJAMIN (Jeremiah Mercer)is best known for his work as half of the world-renowned, pioneering, Grammy Award-winning duo, OutKast. Their album "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below" sold over ten million copies, propelled by Benjamin's number one single, "Hey Ya!" For their distinguished body of work spanning over a decade, OutKast has received multiple Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year for "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below" in 2004.
Fueled by his artistic passion, Benjamin now has turned his attention to other creative outlets and is making an indelible mark on the film and television world. He has lent his voice to the anime feature "Whasango" and will soon do the same for Paramount's upcoming live-action/CG feature, "Charlotte's Web." Benjamin was most recently seen co-starring with John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Vince Vaughn, and Cedric the Entertainer in "Be Cool," the sequel to the smash hit comedy, "Get Shorty." He has wrapped "Revolver," a Guy Ritchie film in which he stars with Jason Statham, Vincent Pastore, and Harvey Keitel. This film follows on the heels of shooting "My Life in Idlewild," a musical set in the prohibition-era South in which Benjamin stars and for which he co-created the story and co-wrote the soundtrack with his OutKast partner, Big Boi. He also appeared on an episode of the critically acclaimed F/X dramatic series, "The Shield."

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Wahlberg Praises Benjamin's Acting Talents

Mark Wahlberg Four Brothers Outkast

Mark Wahlberg is amazed by his Four Brothers co-star ANDRE '3000' BENJAMIN's work attitude - insisting the Outkast rapper is one of the most professional entertainers he has ever met.

Wahlberg, formerly of MARKY MARK AND THE FUNKY BUNCH fame, switched to acting with a critically acclaimed role in RENAISSANCE MAN - and believes Benjamin has the power to follow in his footsteps.

He says, "I admire Andre a lot, because he had the same approach as I did - just dive in, give 110 per cent and don't be afraid to ask questions.

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Andre 3000 Hungry For An Acting Challenge

Four Brothers

OUTKAST star ANDRE '3000' BENJAMIN was thrilled to be given a role in crime drama Four Brothers, as he had the chance to stretch his acting muscles with a multi-faceted character.

The flamboyant singer, who is fast becoming a hot name in Hollywood, was terrified he would be given a one-dimensional part to play, but director JOHN SINGLETON soon put his mind at rest.

He says, "When John Singleton said he wanted me to play JEREMIAH MERCER and explained how Jeremiah was an interesting character who has different sides to his personality. I thought of all these different styles I could play.

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Andre 3000 Finds Freedom In Film

Four Brothers

OUTKAST star ANDRE '3000' BENJAMIN found filming Four Brothers a liberating experience - as he was finally allowed to look stupid.

The HEY YA! hitmaker was thrilled to break free from the glamorous confines of his singing persona, as he explored a variety of emotions for the crime drama.

He says, "You have to be embarrassed or look like a fool or cry.

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Singleton Wants Tyrese For Luke Cage Movie

John Singleton Jamie Foxx Ving Rhames Baby Boy Four Brothers Terrence Howard

Film-maker John Singleton has given former model TYRESE GIBSON some good news as he recovers from a near-fatal car crash - he's the director's choice to star in new comic book adaptation LUKE CAGE.

Singleton insists he wants the 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS star over the likes of Oscar winner Jamie Foxx and Ving Rhames to play the Marvel comic hero.

If the casting comes off it won't be the first time Tyrese and Singleton have worked together - Singleton directed the model-turned-actor in 2 Fast 2 Furious, Baby Boy and new movie Four Brothers.

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