Mark Foster never feels under pressure when making music.

The Foster The People frontman has enjoyed success recently with hit single 'Pumped Up Kicks' but insists he isn't worried about emulating it when it comes to writing new songs.

He said: ''I never let that stuff influence me. It's out of our control. If people like it, then cool. I wrote 'Don't Stop' just like I wrote 'Pumped Up Kicks' - I didn't try to make either a hit, I just wanted to write a song I liked.''

Mark also revealed how he would happily wrote a song for the winner of 'American Idol' even though he would never audition for the talent show himself.

When asked by the Metro newspaper what was the worst piece of advice he'd been given, Mark replied: ''To try out for 'American Idol'. I never did that. I heard that all the time when I went home to Ohio. My aunts and uncles were like, 'You've got such a great voice - why don't you try out for American Idol?' I'd say, 'Because I'm a songwriter, not a puppet.' Even if I won and became really successful off a show like that, I'd be miserable. I'd rather be a poor singer/songwriter doing what I love than get rich from selling my soul.

''But I'd write for any of them. I can step into their world without attaching myself to it. I don't have to get up there. Writing for other people is easier than writing for myself - it's not as personal.''