Review of United Colours Of Beggattron Album by Foreign Beggars

Review of Foreign Beggars album united Colours Of Beggattron

Foreign Beggars United Colours Of Beggattron Album

Foreign Beggars are back with their 3rd album 'United Colours Of Beggattron' released on their own label Dented Records. Indeed UK hip hop has progressed loads since their debut LP Asylum Speakers in 2003. We've had grime, acclaim with Dizzy and Wiley, dubstep from Skream and even a US black president. Hip hop doesn't seem dangerous anymore. In fact it's business and has indeed progressed from the hustle of the streets.

Although hip hop was always about skills and there's plenty of skills with this third album. The Beggars indeed show lyrical skill and their delivery definitely deserves respect. As you'd expect there's a plethora of great guest from the UK like Jehst, Noisia, Kashmere, etc representing UK emcees with class. It's a great display of UK hip hop with quality music to match.

United Colours Of Beggattron has a definite focus on hip hop rather than grime and it works well. It's about the flex for the heads. It's dope in the heavy sense and a showcase of where we are. Indeed we've moved far from the streets. Possibly space is the next place. Respect!

Tareck Ghoneim

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