Foo Fighters rocker Dave Grohl is so fond of lethal Icelandic drink Brennivin he wants to launch it in America.

The former NIRVANA star and his bandmates discovered the beverage on a recent trip to Iceland and now they can't get enough of the powerful drink.

He says, "It's like a clear schnapps... like a vodka that's been sowed with caraway seeds. It gives you this euphoric feeling, like you've done acid and you can't stop laughing. Like you can't feel your feet.

"I want to be America's distributor of Brennivin."

And Grohl already has a marketing campaign in mind: "Some metal dude... walking down a city street, picking up a trash can and throwing it through a window.

"Then it would say, 'Brennivin! Release the Inner Viking.'"

20/07/2005 01:41