Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has assured fans the group has no plans to split up, insisting he already has an idea for a new album.

Devotees of the My Hero hitmakers were left panicking earlier this year (12) when Grohl ended the group's extensive world tour by announcing he wasn't sure when the Foo Fighters were going to play again.

The former Nirvana star quickly made it clear that he was talking about a break, not a split.

And now he tells Rolling Stone magazine, "People should never be afraid that Foo Fighters are ever going to break up. It's like your grandparents getting divorced - it's not gonna happen."

Grohl is already thinking about the band's next release and admits it might coincide with a movie, now that he's a bona-fide documentary maker on the back of his upcoming debut Sound City: Real to Reel.

He adds, "(I have) a concept for the next album we've never done before. And who knows? There might be a f**king movie to go with it."