The amazing fact about Flower Of Zeus is that there are only two members which leaves you in disbelief at how they can make so much NOISE? Is someone playing mind games or what, your guess is as good as any. The title track 'Diamond Rings' kicks things off and it's pure guitar and drums. There are actually people out there that can actually play their instruments with anger but fall short on the final product but these guys produce a monster of a track that leaves you wondering how it would sound live; a thought that makes you feel out of breathe listening to it.

'Glad I'm Dead' starts off sounding like a jamming session but then boom the amps are cranked up and Flower Of Zeus carry on to not flatter or deceive. 'Awake The Lion' should be renamed make the lion jump out of its skin. Just when you thought things couldn't get any louder they just did, the drums being smashed to hell and distorted vocals. Noise noise noise is it the future or is it the fact that when you turn the radio all you hear is the same old playlists, anything is nice change from that!

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