These seven tracks open with an almost-croaky, Alex Turner cardigan voice, straight from the thigh-slapping North of England, with every bit of an Arctic Monkeys pathos, and romantic wistfulness. The sound is delicate, gentle, elegant, but combining sensitivity in the vocal with strength in the music, the way The Courteeners do. Every now and then, for a couple of lines, an old-fashioned melody creeps in, and it has the humour and exuberance of The Beatles, or Queen.

The piano on the third track comes as a surprise, and is a beautiful, accomplished nod to an older time, and it comes combined with a gruff, raw vocal, which turns it very tender. One note to the singer; please, please sing 'Everythin' instead of 'Everyfin', it stopped me enjoying it incompletely, and relaxing, and it undermines the music, which is beautiful.

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