Florence Welch has pledged to sing "more in tune" at Britain's Glastonbury Festival this year (10) - to make up for screeching through her set at the legendary music gig last summer (09).
Florence And The MAChine was one of the most popular acts at the outdoor event in England last June (09) as fans flocked to see the red-headed rocker and her backing band take to the stage.
Welch admits her performance was disappointing - but hopes to improve when she returns to Glastonbury on Friday (25Jun10).
She tells Britain's NME magazine, "Last year the whole gig was one of the most euphoric feelings in my life. It was amazing, but I've got to say it wasn't our best performance ever. But just the atmosphere of it was so great. Everyone was really into it. The crowd were performing better than we were.
"We were probably out of tune and out of time and throwing ourselves all over the stage, but that was what was really good about it. I'm hoping to recreate that energy again, but sing more in tune this time."