Florence Welch has inspired Gucci's newest collection.

The Florence and the Machine star's confidence and self-assurance embodied the air of strength and mystery that Frida Giannini wanted to inject into her latest designs for The Fashion house's fall/winter 2011 range.

Frida said: "As I was imagining this collection I was thinking of a strong and somewhat mysterious Muse. Florence is that kind of woman.

"I met her in Los Angeles at this year's Grammys and was captivated by her presence. She has a powerful personality and an entrancing quality to her performances. She also has that confident and self assured look that goes hand in hand with the Gucci woman."

Frida has previously chosen Mark Ronson, Rihanna and James Franco to appear in campaigns for Gucci and believes their subsequent success shows she has an eye for emerging talent.

She told Dazed Digital: "I chose to work with all three of them before they became as popular culturally as they are today.

"I think Gucci has been successful in bridging past and present. We have a rich and storied past, but we always have an eye to the future, which these collaborations represent."