Florence Welch wants her own fashion line.

The Florence + The Machine singer would love her own clothing range but admits it is something she would want to spend a lot of time perfecting.

She said: "[Having a clothing range] really appeals to me. I would definitely think about it in the future. I'm very particular about what I like though, so I'd really need to spend some time on it."

The 'No Light, No Light' hitmaker buys most of her clothes online because she travels so much - and despite her success she still thinks twice about buying expensive designer garments.

She told LOOK magazine: "I'm on the road quite a lot so I look on the internet at Net-a-porter for things that I think, 'Hmm one day when I can afford it' and I'm always on the Topshop website."

Despite her reluctance to splash out on expensive clothes, Florence - who was part of Karl Lagerfeld's CHANEL spring/summer 2012 show - admires the work of many designers.

She said: "I love Temperley - I wore her designs for my album launch. And I was really lucky that Gucci made all my clothes for the tour.

"Everything that VALENTINO designs is amazing and I love Erdem. And, of course, Chanel."