Florence Welch thinks Katy Perry and her guitarist are a good match.

The Florence + the Machine singer's bandmate, Rob Ackroyd, had a short romance with the 'California Gurls' singer after they met at Coachella festival in California earlier this year, and she can understand why they hit it off so well.

She told Heatworld.com: ''Rob's gorgeous, inside and out. I get it.

''Katy is this ball of absolutely amazing energy, she's so wonderful and fun. She's very supportive of my music.''

Florence, 25, added she feels she, Katy and other female singers who are currently topping the charts are all part of the same ''family.''

She added: ''Katy's very supportive of my music. I think that it's brilliant having all these amazing female solo singers doing so well.

''It's inspiring. I do love Lady GaGa and Katy. They're part of the family.''

However, Florence tries to differentiate herself by doing something styled differently to other artists.

She said: ''I try to do my own thing, I'm very inspired by the 20s in my new video for 'Spectrum'.

''I couldn't believe what [director] David LaChapelle had planned for me in the video. I was so overwhelmed on the first day of filming I burst into tears when I walked onto the set.''

Florence has recently been performing in the US, but is glad to be back at home in London.

Speaking last night (31.05.12), she added: ''I've literally just flown home. I have jet lag but I'm so happy to back and surrounded by my friends - these are the people who inspire me, creative people doing creative things. I love it.''