Florence Welch wants to buy a church.

The Florence and the Machine singer - who has an estimated Fortune of £3.8 million - would love to live in an unusual old building, though she admits she rarely gets time off to spend at home.

She said: "I really want a Gothic castle. Or a church but I haven't had time.

"I've only been home for about two weeks in the last two years."

As she isn't at home very often, the 'Shake it Out' hitmaker says she is now able to keep most of her belongings in a huge trunk which she takes everywhere.

She explained in an interview with Q magazine: "I've got a big steamer trunk now that I keep a lot of the stuff I find on tour in.

"[It's] an old stand-up travelling one, nearly person height. And it's got a rail you hang clothes on. Amazing."

Florence also admitted she turned the recording studio into a "mad person's den" while working on latest album 'Ceremonials'.

She said: "I did turn the studio into a mad person's den.

"The floor was covered in these massive pieces of paper I'd written words on- words, words, words and endless crossings out- and I'm on the floor, in a ball, clutching my skull."