Florence Welch has given up drinking on tour.

The Florence and the Machine singer thinks her voice sounds much better now she has cut out partying when on the road.

She said: "Some of the shows were completely unhinged. I'd be up a wall in an Irish theatre, in someone's box, doing a shot of whiskey with them and then back down to the stage.

"I can control my voice so much better now [I've given up drinking] and actually sing.

"Before, part of it was just the energy and it didn't really matter if you were hitting the notes. But now I can have both."

Despite giving up drinking on tour, Florence still enjoys partying and the feelings that being drunk give her.

She told Britain's Vogue magazine: "I love that kind of Euphoria. I like that feeling of abandon. I like to dance. I like parties. I love shots. I love them."